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China refutes 24 ’lies’ by US politicians over COVID-19

China refutes 24 ’lies’ by US politicians over COVID-19

China has issued a rebuttal of what it said were 24 ’preposterous allegations’ by some US politicians over its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. The 11,000-word article posted on the ministry website, repeated and expanded on the refutations of allegations made in press briefing. The article cited media reports that said Americans had been infected before the first case was confirmed in Wuhan.

Batman of Clownworld
Batman of Clownworld 6 months

To quote a Hong Kong wise man, "China is as- hole." Had to get around censor.

Flitch 6 months

I wonder what connection Reuters and CNBC have. Both story's were the same nearly word for word. Wonder which reporter was the lazy one.

MF 6 months

I love how the media is like "Trump's moving on from virus by blaming china" or "Trump's campaign pitch; blame china" Give me a break folks. We are that stupid. China has been a problem for a long time, long before the virus.

Whicker 6 months

Notice it's mostly left wing sources proping up this Chinese propoganda.

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