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Rose McGowan has accused Bill Maher of whispering to her of his member size

Rose McGowan has accused Bill Maher of whispering to her of his member size

Actress, activist (of #metoo fame) and musician Rose McGowan has accused Bill Maher of sexual misconduct. In the late 90’s McGowan was a guest on ’Politically Incorrect’, a comedic political round table show that Maher hosted until 2003. While returning from a commercial break McGowan alleges Maher whispered to her, ’my parents didn’t give me a good face, but they did give me a huge c--k.’

Tin Ego
Tin Ego 6 months

So the guy whispered a politically incorrect joke to you whilst you appeared on a show called Politically Incorrect twenty years ago. Oh my god he must be sacked and run out of town.

Mozgus 6 months

Stop making me defend Bill Maher...

Seekster 6 months

So the left is ready to eat Bill Maher now? It seems all who do not match in lock step must be purged.

That Guy
That Guy 6 months

And this is why we’ve stopped listening to any and all accusations.

Kamran Aslam
Kamran Aslam 6 months

It's like Hugh Mungus all over again.

Boo 6 months

Feminism has highjacked the Democrat party. So what goes around comes around. The only people who can have any power in the Dems are women feminist. Not men, not women who don't agree, just women feminist. Serves them right for having the most illogical, fly be feelings beings in charge. Hahahaha.

Ben 6 months

Kill me now...poor Rose, is no one talking about you this week?

F G 6 months

The left eats its own again

Virtual Signals
Virtual Signals 6 months

Feminist puritanism is the death of any playful interaction between genders. RIP.

That Guy
That Guy 6 months

Either say something write away or shut up later.

Mike 6 months

LMAO....inappropriate, maybe. Hilarious, definitely.

Random Bit
Random Bit 6 months

Ha ha... on a show called “politically incorrect” and she couldn’t handle some off screen malarkey. Did he whip it out to show her? Did he threaten to bludgeon her with it? Did he say he wanted to stick it in the freezer? He stated a fact (unqualified) and carried on with his life? A women says to a man - “I have a large vagina!” Woopee! Who cares... we move on... or “that’s interesting, any chance of checking the measurements?”... either way the conversation progresses and doesn’t need repeating some 30 years later.

Spartacus 6 months

Live by the believe all wamon, die by the believe all wamon

krayzie 6 months

Feels like my brain has a charley horse after reading this article.

6Million$Mansplainer 6 months

Nvm, links have now populated.

Sebastian 6 months

Why did it take so long g to make that huge comment

Dank Duck
Dank Duck 6 months

How is that in any way wrong? The guy found you attractive and had a retarded pickup line, like pretty much every guy. Oh my god the misery you had to go through that a guy harmlessly tried to pick you up

Richard 6 months

They deserve each other.

M Medi
M Medi 6 months

🤣🤣🤣🤣Thanks for the laugh

my opinion may offend you
my opinion may offend you 6 months

I think she may have misunderstood what he meant. Or perhaps he should have said it differently. His parents gave him livestock a large male chicken. Thoughtful parents. She hasn't been around a farm much has she?

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