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White House reportedly in talks with Intel, TSMC  for local manufacturing

White House reportedly in talks with Intel, TSMC for local manufacturing

As per reports, the Trump administration is reportedly in talks with major processor manufacturers to build factories in the US. The report highlights that Intel has a specific plan to run a plant that manufactures chips ’securely’, aimed at reducing US dependency on processor plants based overseas. Besides, TSMC, which makes Apple’s A-series chips, has been in talks about building a US factory.

Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 4 months

If they can make this happen it would a positive move. China needs to be taken down and taking big tech manufacturing away from them would be a damn good start.

ConcealCarryProtect 4 months

Great, but what tax breaks or incentives are we giving them??

Melmel 4 months

It would have been nice if none of our manufacturing went overseas. But profits are higher when you manufacture in countries that allow exploitation of workers.

M. Schlegel
M. Schlegel 4 months

So there is the problem: Manufacturing these in the US isn’t profitable compared to China and the like. So, what are the companies doing to make it profitable or what will politics do to make it profitable? They probably can higher the price and thus gain back some profit, end users won’t even note it as long as the increase isn’t to high and there isn’t that much competition. They can try to go even further on automation, employing less americans thus not having such a huge disadvantage caused by higher wages. They can try to use the current crisis to lower wages in US, many people will be happy to have a job and won’t care to much if it doesn’t pay as good. Politics can give them tax breaks and the like (which raises other questions). If they really invest heavily in the US I would guess for a mixture of the things named above and maybe things I didn’t think of. I really don’t think it would help a lot in terms of industry / jobs but the lessened dependamcy has its worth, for security reasons but also for resilience against things like the current pandemic. Also: don’t think the US will suddenly become independent from China in the manufacturing of electronics. It’s way more complicated and the whole world is way more interconnected than most consumers are aware of.

IvoryDove 4 months

TSMC = Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. Not American.

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