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Musk sues county and threatens to move Tesla out of California in lockdown row

Musk sues county and threatens to move Tesla out of California in lockdown row

Musk announced he plans to move Tesla to either Texas or Nevada — after the carmaker was told it could not reopen by California officials.’Frankly, this is the final straw,’ Musk tweeted. ’Tesla will now move its HQ and future programs to Texas/Nevada immediately.’Musk also said that Tesla is suing Alameda County, whose officials prohibited the opening despite statewide easing of lockdown measures

Mozgus 6 months

Any successful business moving out of Cali to a more deserving state is good news in my opinion.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 6 months

People that are at high risk or have family members who are at high risk: shelter in place. Everyone else: get back to work. Seems pretty simple, not sure why politicians can't figure it out.

Big Nate
Big Nate 6 months

Good get the hell out of California

Ironborn Pyke
Ironborn Pyke 6 months

A lot of businesses and people have been migrating out of California over the past 10 years. Why?

Seekster 6 months

We would love to have you here in Texas Elon. Shoot you are already testing Starship here.

Max Bants
Max Bants 6 months

Get thy ass to Florida

The Right Perspective
The Right Perspective 6 months

This is positive news. Why put up with the bullshit socialist policies of Commiefornia when you can move operations to Texas.

Unity.Nat 6 months

Then relocate it, any major company should know how often the Democrats in California flip flop on anything. California has great tempature sure, yet the snobbish elite want to live there, confining themselves to their gated communities as the poor and impoverished flood and sleep in the California city centers.

Thelonius 6 months

Musk and other opponents of government mandates do have a point. The basic question regarding stay at home and shelter in place orders is whether the ends justify the means. Is containing the virus worth giving every level of government blanket authority to restrict your constitutional rights? I'm having a hard time choosing between principle and pragmatism. I lean towards allowing businesses reopen with restrictions.

Rose 6 months

His chance of bringing a successful lawsuit is slim. You can’t sue a state for doing what is mandated in the Constitution during a public health crisis. Read it, find out the truth. Don’t trust what a disgruntled person has to say, without verification.

Paul 6 months

You dumbasses putting California down. 5th or 6th largest economy in the world, but they’re doing it wrong. Yeah. And Musk is a POS. He can leave society asap...

kristin 6 months

Why not bring car manufacturing back to Detroit? Remodel a factory that is already there

Fatman in Paradise
Fatman in Paradise 6 months

DO IT!!!!!!!

Mutatis 6 months

I could see it, if I did not have some idea how much that Tesla plant cost to setup.

Garthak 6 months

Bring it to Arizona, we already do some minor stuff for you.

Arthur 6 months

California causes cancer!

Jay 6 months

I am sure he would love to leave Cali. Yet he is too entrenched at the moment to make a break. The county needs to attempt to work with him but they have no real understanding of the damage they are causing.

Just Keep Scrolling
Just Keep Scrolling 6 months

Good. Not sure why any company still wants to operate there.

Max Bants
Max Bants 6 months

This is nothing but good news. There is a complete overgrowth of power in California with big-tech, and their biases leech into fucking everything they do. There needs to be balance, and there is absolutely nothing.

Gordon 6 months

Why put Tesla in Calif. In the first place? Do you want real engineers or a bunch of whiny, woke employees?

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