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Georgia attorney general asks for DOJ probe into handling of Ahmaud Arbery case

Georgia attorney general asks for DOJ probe into handling of Ahmaud Arbery case

Georgia AG Chris Carr Sunday sent a formal request to the US Department of Justice, asking them to probe the handling of the murder case of Ahmaud Arbery. Prior to the state’s takeover of the probe, the case had reportedly landed with 3 separate district attorneys, 2 of them recused themselves while the 3rd asked for Georgia Bureau of Investigation to step in after video of the shooting went viral

Rocky 4 months

Well so much for the racist angle or the hunting narrative. Looks like this case has no legs in a court room. Here is footage of him entering homes uninvited multiple times as well as surveillance camera footage of him breaking into a home the day he was shot. It shows a man across the street calling 911 and then Arbery runs from the home. Just a block form there is where the men are finally able to head him off in an attempt to ask him some questions and hopefully slow him down for police. He then attacks the man outside the truck and is shot.

AD C 4 months

Honestly there are grounds for a manslaughter and/or negligent murdercase, but there is evidence that suggest the victim was connected to repeated theft in the area. Rushing to say this was either a racists murder or that the father and son duo did nothing wrong is just putting partisan rhetoric before the facts. Worse, this case seems like it's Zimmerman 2.0 and the media is once again going to say everything is because of racism while forgetting to tell people "call the cops, Don't potential escalate a situation with a potential criminal by getting involved if you don't have to!"

IvoryDove 4 months

I can't help but note the difference in how this story is covered VS the two elderly people in Delaware shot by a black man. In the latter story, race isn't mentioned. The framing of the altercation in Georgia claims Arbery was "jogging" yet recent security camera video shows he was walking, entering buildings and not jogging. The "altercation" in the NY Post article fails to point out... If you're making a citizen's arrest and you use a gun to enforce it, the same rules apply as if you're a cop. If the detainee resists and attempts to seize your weapon, you are justified in pulling the trigger.... Who the heel attempts to take a shotgun away by pulling the barrel towards their own stomach? If the owner had his finger over the trigger, you'd be pulling the trigger yourself.

Akira6968 4 months

When are we gonna admit that MANY of our opinions on these cases *lean* largely tribal, and that integration was a horrible idea?

RJ of Cthulhu
RJ of Cthulhu 4 months

They should at least be charged with a from of manslaughter, going off of the facts and not tribal beliefs. The men shouldn't have stopped Arbery in the street. The Cops should have been there to detain him if he was trespassing as the video shows. Those men shouldn't have been weapons hot in the middle of the street and shouldn't have confronted Arbery in the way they did, threatening his life. This is a reasonable cause for Arbery to attempt to defend himself, although it ended fatally. Arbery (or anybody else) shouldn't have been snooping around a construction site filled with somewhat valuable materials. Especially in an area fraught with robbery.

BoboRama 4 months

Nobody wants this case. Frankly I don't blame them.

John W
John W 4 months

New video today shows Aubrey inside house multiple times at night. Cameras always show him walking not jogging, till people see him then he is "jogging" away. The house is ten miles from where he lives.

tsylana 4 months

Maybe we'll find out why the police lied to Arbery's mother? Wait, this is Barr's DoJ. LOL

Mike Clark
Mike Clark 4 months

News reel with the footage. Not sure the crime of trespassing warrants a death sentence.

IIzard 4 months

Because attacking whites isn't violent crime.

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