FB employees can work at home until year end

FB employees can work at home until year end

Facebook said on Friday that it would allow its employees who can work remotely to do so until the end of the year as the Covid-19 pandemic forces governments to extend stay-at-home orders to control the spread of the disease. Facebook also expects that most of its offices are likely to remain closed until July 6.

NeverMetTheGuy 3 months

Good thing they figured out how to keep the Facebook censorship going in these times!

darkwingsmurf 3 months

I still don’t understand why working from home for these tech heavy jobs isn’t the norm. You would think giving employees high end pc’s or laptops and subsidizing their internet connection would be cheaper than paying the overhead of the office building

prawn 3 months

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filchface 3 months

Parking in SF is going to be a nightmare. Thanks Facebook.

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