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UK’s top statistician claims COVID-19 risk to young is ’staggeringly low’

UK’s top statistician claims COVID-19 risk to young is ’staggeringly low’

In a highly critical statement of UK Government, Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter condemned ministers for using daily coronavirus figures as ’number theatre’ rather than providing ’genuine information’ to the public. The risk of coronavirus for the young is ’staggeringly low’, the UK’s top statistician has said - as he condemned the government’s ’embarrassing’ handling of Covid-19.

Rocky 4 months

He is absolutely correct. No reason for schools to be shut down while we pack our local Walmart to the brim. It looked like black Friday yesterday at my local Walmart yet my children aren't allowed to go to school when the statistics on children contracting it are so low and extreme cases for children even more rare. Governments just can't admit they went WAY to far with this one. Too much pride to backtrack now that the evidence is in on this extremely weak and non threatening pathogen.

tsylana 4 months

*Statistician* whines about medical advice. He is right though, the UK response has been a disaster. ~50,000 dead is a calamitous failure and its not over yet AND they're starting to reopen without clear guidelines.

Fin 4 months

Say it to the faces, if those, parents whose kids died of covid

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