Iran’s navy says 19 killed, 15 wounded in friendly-fire missile accident in Gulf

Iran’s navy says 19 killed, 15 wounded in friendly-fire missile accident in Gulf

An Iranian missile fired during a live-fire training exercise in the Gulf of Oman struck a support vessel near its target, killing at least 19 sailors and injuring 15 others, Iran’s army said Monday. The Konarak, a Hendijan-class support ship, was too close to a target during the exercise when the incident happened on Sunday near the port of Jask, some 1,270 kilometers southeast of Tehran.

BadgerMilk 2 weeks

It’s pretty sad that your own missile technology first shots down your own airliner on take off then this. This is children playing with adults toys . What ever the number of dead Iran says, safe to assume to quadruple that number .

Seekster 2 weeks

Hey at least they did it to themselves instead of being sunk by a cruise ship.

CommanderVaasDC 2 weeks

Lol and they wanna warn the US.

Mike Clark
Mike Clark 2 weeks

So many deadly mistakes from their armed forces...

Shalyn 2 weeks

And we are supposed to be afraid of these folks? So far they have shot down their own airliner now they took out their own ship. Why wage war against them give them time they will take themselves out. Scary thought these incompetent idiots in charge of a nuclear weapon. Although they most likely would blow themselves up with it. The innocent lives lost would be crushing. God help us all. For the first time I find a story both funny AND. Terrifying!

Meyer 2 weeks

How much you want to bet that they tried to attack a US vessel and as a result they got smashed and are now just trying to save face by calling it a "training accident".

Mark Nambo
Mark Nambo 2 weeks

That's a very busy area. They could've went beyond where there's heavy travel and trade.

unvoided 2 weeks

And these are the soldiers we're supposed to fear

6Million$Mansplainer 2 weeks

They are like the keystone cops of military forces

Brian 2 weeks

Good job billy.

Paul C
Paul C 2 weeks

Words you don't want to hear from the combat control on a ship: "Hey guys, what does this button do? Opps."

IIzard 2 weeks

It was allah's will 😂

ConcealCarryProtect 2 weeks

Play of the Game

Barny Fraggles
Barny Fraggles 2 weeks

Keep up the good work.

Ironborn Pyke
Ironborn Pyke 2 weeks

Civilian airlines and their own Navy ship. What's next ?

NeverMetTheGuy 2 weeks

This looks a lot like karma...

AgentStepford 2 weeks

Very sad. Friendly fire happens to even the best of us.

Property 2 weeks

A tragedy both in lost life's and damaged reputation for the Iranian military.

Mark Nambo
Mark Nambo 2 weeks

Why are they training there in the first place?

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