5 shot at crowded Texas party in park amid Covid-19 pandemic

5 shot at crowded Texas party in park amid Covid-19 pandemic

Five people were reportedly shot on Sunday at Texas, in Village Creek Park in Fort Worth. These victims were among the 600 people gathered for a party amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Two of the victims were critically injured. The rest suffered non-life threatening injuries. Witnesses told police that around 30 shots were heard once fireworks were set off at the park.

Follower 2 weeks

I confused, was this "encouragement" in social distancing? Unlike most shootings I'm not seeing sites report on the possible motives of the shooter/shooters (that said I've only checked a couple sources).

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 2 weeks

600 people? For a party in a park?

Skot 2 weeks

This from New York Times, "Five officers attempted to disperse the growing crowd of about 400 people, some using their car sirens and public address systems to order that people leave the park, the police said on Monday, revising an estimate from Sunday that 600 people had gathered. Officials said witnesses described fireworks going off at the park followed by at least 30 rounds of gunfire. And a marked police vehicle’s camera system captured people fleeing the scene after hearing the gunshots, the officials noted." Sounds like the cops opened fire?

Kyle G
Kyle G 2 weeks

600?! That’s not a party it’s an event!

Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez 2 weeks

600? I've been to Catholic festivals smaller than that.

Richard 2 weeks

A crowd of 600 + 30 shots = 5 hits??? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad it was not much worse. The numbers just don't add up though. Were most of those shots from the crowd firing back? What kind of person throws a coronavirus party anyway? What was the motive? Was it gangs or drug related? Was the shooter crazy? Did the victims have anything in common? Were the victims random?

Richard 2 weeks

Well the last four paragraphs of the daily mail article sum it up pretty well.

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