Nicholas Johnson becomes Princeton’s first black valedictorian

Nicholas Johnson becomes Princeton’s first black valedictorian

Nicholas Johnson has become the first black valedictorian at Princeton University. His academic concentration was operations research and financial engineering. He, along with salutatorian Grace Sommers, will be participating in the school’s virtual commencement on Sunday, May 31.

Ben Song
Ben Song
DevilsAdvocate 3 weeks

Racist university says only thing special about this years valedictorian is. He black.

Seekster 3 weeks

This man should be celebrated for his intelligence and hard work. Fixating on his skin color as the most significant thing about him is racist.

Cuppa T
Cuppa T 3 weeks

Intelligent person is at the top of his class. Woopdidoo...

Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez 3 weeks


Rocky 3 weeks

Awesome. I'm glad to see more academically driven black men. Hopefully this is an example to other young black men. You don't have to be blinded by the lie that white privilege is the only way to success. Don't listen to the lies of mainstream media telling you that the system has you pinned down. You are only limited by what you dream and the effort you put into it.

RayJoeBal 3 weeks

I am not suggesting that this is an affirmative action case but if the university has guidelines that admit students with biased standards then has this student earned this?

GreenMachine 3 weeks

Yay? I mean good for him. That's a big achievement but I don't think his skin color should have much to do with it.

porcus 3 weeks

Very bright guy, seems like he has a ton of energy.

Melissa 3 weeks

If any of you had ever been to university you would know how difficult it is to complete a degree much less doing so at the top of your class at a prestigious university with high academic standards. Congratulations to this bright young man!

F G 3 weeks

Typical left leaning racists not realising they are racists, resuming this man and his achievements to nothing but his skin pigmentation

Jason Trocchia
Jason Trocchia 3 weeks


Harrison 3 weeks

It’s not at all racist to see this as an exciting achievement. It’s one of the most prestigious universities in the country, and the point of this being highlighted is for empowerment. It is much less common for Black people in this country to have this opportunity compared to white and Asian folk. Here’s what Nicholas Johnson had to say about it: “Being Princeton’s first black valedictorian is very empowering, especially given its historical ties to the institution of slavery... I’ve had many critical conversations with classmates on campus about their thoughts on Princeton’s legacy and how it affects their daily life as students, and what we can do to create a college environment in which students who look like us can thrive.”

Aaron 3 weeks

I wonder if he's a LEFT leaner? It's an important question.

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 3 weeks

Did he earn it or was it given to him based on the color of his skin? It's sad when in todays society you have to ask this question. You'd think by this point we could get over something as petty as race but the far left wants to keep pushing that wedge inbetween us. Sad.

Lord Flasheart
Lord Flasheart 3 weeks

Princeton has a black dude who isn't wasting his life on drugs, shooting up brothers and leeching off the system. Or, Princeton is no longer racisist. Or, Princeton had no good candidates, "Time to give it to a black dude". How about you just post a picture next to the article without mentioning his colour and then let the cross burners make their own assumptions.

Fin 3 weeks

Congrats... Dedication n hard work... Princeton has a unique sad history.. Ppl need to read n know it before commenting... This is a huge milestone finally broken

Said Ayman
Said Ayman 3 weeks

A non Asian Ivy League valedictorian?! Amazing!

John 3 weeks


Kyle G
Kyle G 3 weeks

I hope he thanks affirmative action in his speech.

Smasher Devourer
Smasher Devourer 3 weeks

It should get asterisk for the short semester lol. Really its all stupid fuck all ivy league schools. Fuck the whole system its a joke.

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