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Nearly 2,000 officials slam DoJ and William Barr for dropping Flynn case

Nearly 2,000 officials slam DoJ and William Barr for dropping Flynn case

Nearly 2,000 former officials from the Department of Justice have criticized Attorney General William Barr and the DoJ for having dropped charges against Michael Flynn, the former National Security Adviser. The officials who have condemned the action served under both, Republican and Democratic administrations.

Tom A
Tom A
bobby_5150 5 months

Alternate tite - Nearly 300,000 current and former DOJ employees don't slam Barr for dropping Flynn case.

Boo 5 months

This is justice. The FBI and Obama administration were intervening against the Trump admin. Payback is a breach.

Property 5 months

Seems odd that they would be so aggressive towards this but not with the way the FBI acted. Even if someone is guilty often judges will throw cases put of court when prosecutors and law enforcement act in bad faith. I'll be honest, even if it came to trial the way the FBI acted the courts might just throw it out themselves. This is not the DOJs fault, it's the FBI. They spoiled the case with corruption and conflicting interests

CommanderVaasDC 5 months

But they wont condem the fbis actions.

6Million$Mansplainer 5 months

The swamp is going nervous, lol. Sweating worse than a cheese platter at a summer picnic.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 5 months

Berry in the ring. This is it bring out all the stops. Please go on. We need to know everyone that is involved in the slow moving coup d'etat and on the pay roll of the Chinese Communist Party. Make sure you spell your name right don't want there to be an error on your up coming warrents.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 5 months

And how many complained about the bs investigating and corruption of the FBI? bet it's not one of those hyper partisan Muppets

Jon 5 months

What else is there to say really except duh...the Republicans have decided they will die on the Trump hill. The way the pandemic is going that may be true figuratively and literally.

Rocky 5 months

Sounds like 2,000 America hating pieces of filth. If you don't like seeing justice served you are in the wrong country. I can only pray the one's responsible most i.e. Obama and his appointed officials see actual jail time. No more of just calling out corruption and then slapping them on the wrist. This is too important to let it go. I would actually be for a publicly televised execution. Send a strong message to those that seek to tear us down that they will never succeed.

JMMA-Z 5 months

All 2000 should be prosecuted since they obviously are fine with breaking the law.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 5 months

So is there like a mailing list or former employee club where they all gather these super important opinions? Doesn't it just seem weird as hell that there are 2000 of these miserable SOB's communicating about anything?

Jon 5 months

A cult doesn't care about the opinions of anyone except the cult leader. That is the sad truth that despite thousands of bipartisan former legal experts expressing concern over how the DOJ is being run nothing matters except what Der Führer says.

J 5 months

Barr needs Disbarred. He is supposto b for the people not a personal lawyer for Trump!!

IIzard 5 months

2000 officials need to be fired.

MF 5 months

But, it's the same 2000 people who hate Trump and would protest anything his admin does. Maybe they should be AG if they want to do better.

Dagoberto 5 months

Democrats and Republicans are extremely corrupt. Take your pick. Both could care less about you and me. God be with you.

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