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Banjo’s CEO resigns after details emerge of KKK ties

Banjo’s CEO resigns after details emerge of KKK ties

Utah-based surveillance software company Banjo’s CEO has resigned after an investigation revealed his undisclosed involvement in a shooting at a synagogue with KKK members. The story published in OneZero revealed that at age 17, Damien Patton drove a KKK member past a synagogue while he shot at the building. He reportedly went into hiding at a white supremacist training camp after the incident.

Frederick 4 months

HOLY SHIIIIIT. HAHAHAHAAAAA. How the fuck does something like this happen?

WWG1WGA 4 months

Who hasn't done something stupid when they were a teenager. I was a piece of shit drug dealer did a year and a half in prison when I was 19. I'm 46 and I'm a completely different person. I'd kick the snot out of the younger stupid me.

porcus 4 months

Glad that the guy worked with law enforcement and testified to convict the others involved, also it is good that he has apologized for his past. There has to be a route of redemption available for everyone no matter their past. There shouldn't be any outrage over this.

El3phantInTheRoom 4 months

His statement, "32 years ago I was a lost, scared, and vulnerable child. I won’t go into detail, but the reasons I left home at such a young age are unfortunately not unique; I suffered abuse in every form. I did terrible things and said despicable and hateful things, including to my own Jewish mother, that today I find indefensibly wrong, and feel extreme remorse for. I have spent most of my adult lifetime working to make amends for this shameful period in my life. In my teens, I dropped out of school, lived on the streets, ate out of dumpsters and raised money panhandling. I was desperate and afraid. I was taken in by skinhead gangs and white supremacist organizations. Over the course of a few years, I did many things as part of those groups that I am profoundly ashamed of and sorry about. Eventually, I was able to get myself away from this world while serving in the United States Navy. This turned my life around. While serving my country, I worked with law enforcement agencies in hate group prosecutions and left this world behind. Since then, I have tried and failed to completely accept and come to terms with how I, a child of Jewish heritage, became part of such a hateful, racist group. One thing I have done, through therapy and outreach, I have learned to forgive that 15 year old boy who, despite the absence of ideological hate, was lured into a dark and evil world. For all of those I have hurt, and that this revelation will hurt, I’m sorry. No apology will undo what I have done. I have worked every day to be a responsible member of society. I’ve built companies, employed hundreds and have worked to treat everyone around me equally. In recent years, I’ve sought to create technologies that stop human suffering and save lives without violating privacy. I know that I will never be able to erase my past but I work hard every day to make up for mistakes. This is something I will never stop doing."

solodolo 4 months

Hahaha I like how if a black guy gets committed of a crime he's a a lifelong criminal, no redemption. White CEO gets exposed as a former white supremacist and it's empathy galore lol. "PeOpLe ChAnGe" "YoU cAnT hOlD hIs PaSt AgAiNsT hIm" I hope I'm alive for when scientist figure out the reason for that discrepancy

SickOfTribalisem 4 months

ok the first the story seemed a bit "off" intellijant people and in general ceo's and... don't usually hate.... but we do see some anecdoal evidance of his attemps to set things right... first of all ai desgined to fight crime... second of all how much he invested/belived/... in israeli and jewish startups even when companies such as we work never had anything to show for... (i mean man i remember from the start i had a bad fealing when hearing about this company a couple of years back.. and my instincts were right later looking into the company seening no evidance of any technology or potencial or... not to mention "shady advertising" ) if i was able to see that somthing was off... very badly off and wrong with the company... i find it hard to belive that such organixations as soft bank would contino finnamcing it i mean.. it's possible he was either blinded by/ over compenseting for his past

GUYIVKS 4 months

Former members of KKK, NoI, Black Panthers, Underground Weathermen etc have represented the democrats in Congress and the senate. No shortage became advisers to #44 and his SoS. None really condemned or turned their back on past associations.

Just An Opinion
Just An Opinion 4 months

Such a dumb story. Dumb kid got dumbly brainwashed by a dumb hate cult and was manipulated into doing some dumb shit. This was 30+ years ago, and he hasn't had anything to do with these dummies since. I kinda don't care.

Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 4 months

People change over time. He shouldn’t be forced out.

NeverMetTheGuy 4 months

Arguably the craziest article ever posted on here. However, if it wasn't a Klan related shooting, and a different hate group somebody would be saying "But they were seventeen, so didn't actually do anything." Someone, please feel free to disapprove my mention of a double standard existing.

Noobs 4 months

I like how SoftBank is being added to the story...

Miguel Parra
Miguel Parra 4 months

How long does the actions of ones past dominate their future?

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