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Donald Trump walks out of press conference after spat with reporter

Donald Trump walks out of press conference after spat with reporter

The President of the United States of America got into a spat with a news reporter during a press conference on Monday. This resulted in the President to storm out of the press conference. The President reportedly told a news reporter of Asian descent to ’ask China’ regarding the coronavirus death toll in the United States.

Boo 6 months

Good for Trump. Fagile reporters need to grow a pair.

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 6 months

She was Asian American - and she thought she could bait him by asking why he asked her specifically to go ask China that question. This is 2nd grade level brain development in her.

OrKos world
OrKos world 6 months

How freakin stupid are these reporters? Just because he is president dosent mean he has the answers to everything. If They are real reporters and want answers they should be able to use their resources. Contact the CDC and ask questions. Seeing as they continue to blame our president only shows me how enept they are at their jobs.

Jack 6 months

These reporters really are despicable. There is a health crisis! No matter what your opinion on Trump these sessions are way to get out information to the public. Instead they are trying to bait Trump to get political ammunition.

denis 6 months

This can be summarized as: reporters start shit, Trump gives a dumb response, reporters try to make a big deal out of it. Also, gotta love how the left-wing sites write that he 'stormed put'. No, he didn't. He got fed up with their line of questioning and walked away. Thst can hardly be compared to someone running away while sobbing, which 'storm out' would imply.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 6 months

Lol good, the reporter who berated him didn't even ask a legit question, and when she got a response, she tried to pull the race card. She is more narcissistic then trump in that situation. Although, I do think trump shouldn't have walked out like he did, but it's understandable given the obviously loaded (not tough) questions they throw at him, so they can have their "gotcha" moment

tsylana 6 months

'Manbaby throws a tantrump after two women ask probing questions that allude to his failure' This is why we're getting >100 tweet days as he is unable to use the media to relay his distortions of reality to programme his horde.

Der Wünderbarbar
Der Wünderbarbar 6 months

Trump is a manbaby who is unable to answer even the simplest of softball question without imploding.. Trump is the WH Equivalent of Cartman, just not funny...

IvoryDove 6 months

The Media's obsession with race, gender, and those things that separate us rather than bring us together is truly approaching the level of treason.

Candy 6 months

Look at left articles, “Trump leaves after FEMALE reporter challenges him” it’s almost like they’re trying to make him look bad 🤔

F G 6 months

Never feed the left leaning me ntally ill trolls that race and gender bait for clout on Twitter. Good on you Mr. President

Skot 6 months

I'm not a Trump supporter, because he doesn't represent workers any more than Obama did, and as with the coverage of Obama, the press behaves the way they do to get a bigger response from the consumers of news. The best thing to do, is ignore this drivel and actually live your life. Sadly, most people are still emotionally and intellectually locked at a teenage level of sophistication. "Did you hear what he said/did at the press conference?!" The press spends all their time on this nonsense, meanwhile the rich are robbing us blind with barely a whisper.

Tish Tosh
Tish Tosh 6 months

Why, pray tell, is it important that the reporter was asian??? Is it perhaps because the media is RACIST? Unlike our president who doesn't mention individuals' race pretty much ever.

Jon 6 months

What a snowflake!!!❄❄❄❄😅

Carneliantopsoil 6 months

The only 'heat' in that conversation was the 'journalists' head catching on fire

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 6 months

Haha Trump is so sad.

That Guy
That Guy 6 months

Aw. Poor baby didn’t get the questions he wanted…

Covfefe-19 6 months

Way to lead. 👏

Seekster 6 months

This really shouldn't even be news.

Jack 6 months

The leader that walks away. How do you follow?

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