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Coronavirus vaccine could be years away, according to the WHO

Coronavirus vaccine could be years away, according to the WHO

The World Health Organization has released a statement saying that the coronavirus vaccine could take years to develop. According to a statement by Dr. Margaret Harris of the WHO, world governments should control their expectations for a vaccine as even though other coronaviruses, SARS and MERS, have been known for a long time, there still is no vaccine available against them.

Timothy 6 months

If the Dr believes what she is saying then essentially her position is that none of the 100 or more vaccine candidates, some of which are in human trials now are going to work for years to come. She must be some kind of super-academic to have assessed each one, judged their current efficacy and determined the timeline for their successful development. Or....she could just be another member of WHO talking in anecdotes and inciting fear.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 6 months

I listen fo WhO because they smart... Though I did lose a portion of my brain

🌀W_AS 6 months

I said this from the beginning. It is the nature of a single strand RNA virus to mutate rapidly. If a virus is stable then a vaccine is possible. Polio and Measles can be vaccinated against. The common cold cannot.

.Tet. 6 months

The Who said there wasn't a problem to begin with. I'm gonna trust their words on the conclusion also.

Boo 6 months

The WHO is even worse than the CDC.

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