The global CO2 levels keep rising in spite of the coronavirus pandemic

The global CO2 levels keep rising in spite of the coronavirus pandemic

Whilst air and road travel has dropped during the global lockdown, the usage of electricity has not. According to the United Nations Environmental Program, the fact that nearly two thirds of global electricity are still produced by burning fossil fuels, is one of the main factors for the unimpeded rise in CO2 levels. The UNEP also notes forest fires as other contributors to these record figures.

David 2 weeks

The whole greenhouse gas/global warming/climate change as an effect of mankind is a scam to siphon taxpayer dollars and attract donations.

IIzard 2 weeks


Ekitchi Hoshi
Ekitchi Hoshi 2 weeks

...there is a natural cycle of emission and absorption of CO2. The emission part is indeed much greater than the man made emission. But the net CO2 added to the atmosphere (after deduction of the natural absorption) is overwhelmingly man made... It's not that hard to understand.... Edit: was meant as a reply to previous post, cliqued the wrong button

Aaron 2 weeks

If memory serves there has been an increase of volcanic activity in recent years.

Sapper 2 weeks

Another blatant excuse to tax the living ah!t out of us again. That horrible little scowling and pious Greta thing didn’t work to ‘shame’ the working class and this won’t either. When the ‘second wave’ of this plandemic hits us during the natural season of the flu, prepare for more tyrannical behaviour from the self styled ‘elites’. With England crippled and over run with leftists foaming at the mouth and screaming waysist at all and sundry, I fear the patriots will be too few in number for any sufficient counter attack. The United States and her highly regarded and defended constitution, will be defended by the great people of America- strong patriots and responsible gun owners. There WILL be a false flag attack soon, America, prepare for it. Never give up your guns. England stands with you, brothers.

Max Bants
Max Bants 2 weeks

Is this evidence the bulk of carbon emissions are not manmade?

Christian 2 weeks

Americans! Causing the problem then saying it’s a hoax, no wonder you’re all in the mess you are with your country currently! And it’s clear most of you only read the headline. You are being openly mocked by the world! You have a low IQ president that has managed to gaslight and brainwash you as it is, what does that say about you guys? Climate change is very real!

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 2 weeks

It's all those flatulent cows 😡

Rocky 2 weeks

If you are looking for some great impact from removing millions of cars from the roads you will be disappointed. Humans account for a very small percentage of the co2 released yearly. On top of that the atmosphere is only .04% co2 to begin with. This makes seeing the impact of human activities extremely difficult as it is such a small portion of a small portion. Human activities have contributed to all of 1°c increase in average temperature since the industrial revolution. To try and see a difference in anything less than a hundred years of inactivity is flawed in it's approach. Humans are an extremely insignificant source of impact on the climate.

Cybersinke 2 weeks

If it's too late, it's too late, let us stop pouring money on this non-problem.

Cory Pritchard
Cory Pritchard 2 weeks

Don't use the headline to justify your position. The summary and links underneith it point towards increased usage of electricity and forest fires in Florida, Brazil, Honduras, Venezuela, Thailand and Myanmar.

avecplus 2 weeks

I’d it’s not a virus it’s CO2 if it’s not that it’s Trump if it’s not that it’s white supremacy... I guess we all have to die of something...

Flitch 2 weeks

Thing is, with the lock down, instead of people traveling from home and work, they are going out for the day (let's be honest, how many people are just sat at home) Around my neck of the woods the roads are realy starting to get busy again. Odds are we are being more active on travel with cars than usual. Plus, more people using more electricity when they are home. I don't get how anyone would think a lockdown would ever improve things anyway.

Tom 2 weeks

So Greta you stupid child explain that, When all industries have stopped, It proves all your messages on climate were bolox

daboi 2 weeks

Still dont understand how solid research exists supporting CO2 rising as a result of warming, not the other way around, yet we are still having this discussion. Climate change is deisgned for lazy politicians who dont actually want to get anything done

Jacqueline 2 weeks

Let’s stay focused on the REAL Gobal Pollutors ... the Chinese Communist Party! The Smog, the Trash being thrown in the Ocean, and the destruction of the Coastline. Stop China!!

WWG1WGA 1 weeks

So with 90% flights canceled, 33% less cars on the road 35% to 60% of factories closed it's still rising I guess we can't control a planet.

Rational ific
Rational ific 2 weeks

It's kind of sad for me the way politics are set up. I have to either throw in my lot with people who think that non-op XY people wearing lipstick are women or with people who can't understand how an increase of CO2 and methane due to human activities impacts the atmosphere... 😔

Vincent Kozic
Vincent Kozic 2 weeks

Nearly every single one of these comments have at least one inaccuracy or conspiracy theory. Just forget about the actual data and believe what you want to believe. That's what most people do anyway. Just trade compiling facts from reputable sources and forming a complete picture of our climate situation for taking conspiracy theories as gospel, cherry-picking facts and hunting down junk science from quack scientists ostracized by their peers. Because if it confirms your political biases and makes you feel good, who cares? This is the type of crap that made George Carlin check out. I'm almost at that point too. Pretty soon I'm going to take my horse out of the race and just sit back and wait for Terry Crews to become president while we all start buying LazyBoys that double as toilets to furnish our landfill homes with.

porcus 1 weeks

Where is Grand Prophetess Greta to lead us through these dark times of woe and calamity! Why hasn't she come forth to spread her besutific smile towards the righteous and smite the vile heathens with HOWDAREYOUs? Oh, how her flock of Climate Cultists wander forlorn and dejected during these troubling times of the Orange Hitler and the anti-Left brigades, wandering the internet comment rooms and posting their blasphemous opinions countering the sanctioned narrative, foisting "facts", "truths", and pernicious !!SCIENCE!! every where... :D

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