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Chicago Mayor says she will only give 1-on-1 interviews to journalists of color

Chicago Mayor says she will only give 1-on-1 interviews to journalists of color

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, approaching the halfway point through her first term, told the city’s media outlets that she would grant one-on-one interviews to mark the occasion. However, she laid down a condition that she will only speak with journalists of color. ’It’s a shame that in 2021, the City Hall press corps is overwhelmingly White,’ Lightfoot said.

Trevelyn 4 weeks

Discrimination and racist. Looking to destroy the United States . She needs taken out office .

thepuckchucker 4 weeks

Remove her from office for violating a whole host of state and federal laws. Racist period.

Justin's Socks
Justin's Socks 4 weeks

Just saying what everyone is thinking - This isn't Africa. If you want predominately black reporters - should probably go there? Imagine going to Africa and saying "we need more white reporters. Theres not enough Caucasian representation here."

Eric 4 weeks

Racism is real folks. Just so happens to come from the opposite side than what they are telling you.

Robert_Clearwater 4 weeks

"Many of them are smart and hard-working, savvy and skilled. But mostly white, nonetheless," Lightfoot wrote.

Sean 4 weeks

The proper non racist way to do this is if you have 2 reporters that want to interview you, then just choose the one that doesn't suck. Not based on skin color . She is officially a racist. And I do not throw that card around without good cause.

Shmee 4 weeks

It's more specific than that. Her regular press core includes 2 latina and asian women with whom she refused 1 on 1 interviews. She hand picked 2 black women.

Max 4 weeks

What do we call it boysssss? RACISM RACISM RACISM WOOHOO so woke we’re broke.

David 4 weeks

Let's see if this is racist, if a white mayor said he/she would only do one on one interviews with white journalists would it be racist? If the answer is yes than this is racist.

TexasReb 4 weeks

So, an elected official who is supposed to represent all people can make racist decision like this and not be prosecuted for discrimination?

coughdrop1989 4 weeks

How about you just kick out all the whites in your city and just flat out tell them they aint welcomed? Wouldnt that be easier?

Patrick 4 weeks

I'm white and I'm mixed on this one. If what she claims is true, there being only a small number of of color journalists, then I can see her point. But... her demand is very controversial. She could have phrased it differently by stating she would like journalists of color to step up for the interviews there being so few of.

Morbo 4 weeks

Why any black American with even a passing knowledge of American history votes Democrat amazes me. Its the left who were the party of slave patrols, the KKK, opposed ending slavery, Jim Crowe laws, planned parenthood and all the worst places in America to be black. You have the internet, just take 5 minutes to look up how little the Democrats have changed in 200 years. They still view everyone in terms of racial, ethnic and religous groups, they still use tactics to create racial, ethnic and religous hatred between groups, theyre just better at projecting their crimes on conservatives.

NightWriter17 4 weeks

I was going to say "How shocking that someone in public office would be openly racist.", but then I saw who it was. This isn't shocking at all.

Sparrow 4 weeks

You’re not going to fix racism by using discrimination pointed in the other direction. What will actually solve the problem is the adoption of public policy which actively improves the material conditions of the working class - an economic group which is predominantly made up of black and brown people.

peeweeherman 4 weeks

Thats racist AF and I hope someone sues her for discrimination. As a goveenment employee,, you are not allowed to things like that

Brian 4 weeks

True colors are shining through. It’s what we all knew all along, but we would be judge, condemned and ridiculed to mention. It would be racist to say the truth.

Jack 4 weeks

Weird-ass bug-eyed looking racist.

Faittastic 4 weeks

What in the actual f**k

Mpcooner 4 weeks

I’m confused. Is the goal of liberals to create more racism. If so they are doing a great job.

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