Ahmaud Arbery was shot twice in the chest, reveals autopsy

Ahmaud Arbery was shot twice in the chest, reveals autopsy

Ahmaud Arbery, the 25 year old black man who was shot dead earlier this year, was shot twice in the chest, as per an autopsy report. Released by the forensics division of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the autopsy revealed that Arbery’s upper and lower chest had gun shot wounds.

Tom A
Tom A
Seekster 2 weeks

What a shock he wasn't shot running away. We saw the video and it looks like he was shot while fighting with the guy over the gun. That being said he should not have been shot and frankly I don't think he should have been followed. I don't know what he was doing in that construction site but he should not have been shot over it. I wish people would quote trying to make this a race thing.

Occam’s lazer
Occam’s lazer 2 weeks

So just to like, make this clear...irrigardless of any crime that happened the same day, it is in no way legal to go and search for a fight, go and hunt someone down and preform a “citizens arrest” at gunpoint, or chase them down and initiate a fight. Any and all of these put you outside the scope of a self defense shooting. Pretty much all of these arguments will always come up regarding a self defense shooting in the courts and will always be scrutinized heavily. And this is pretty cut and clear Tldr: whether homeboy was breaking and entering or not (which in my opinion he might’ve)... the 2 (maybe 3 dudes, idk if they’re counting the video dude now?) that tracked him down still murdered jogger, as they were fundamentally outside the scope of self defense.

William 2 weeks

No one should have to lord there life for stealing some hammers and some wood!

Clay 2 weeks

Stupid games stupid prizes. More toxicity and sweeping omissions from Mother Jones. Unsurprising.

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