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Biden campaign maintains steady leads in state and national polls

Biden campaign maintains steady leads in state and national polls

For months Democrat Joe Biden has maintained 3-6%leads over President Trump in a majority of state and national polls, including in swing states needed to meet the electoral college threshold. Trump maintains strong leads in the places yet to be hit hard by the Covid19 Pandemic.

Boo 4 months

Anyone with any sense of Justice and doing right will vote Trump and dump the corrupt Dems. It's almost unbelievable how corrupt every major Dems leader is. Obama pelosi Schiff Nader Comey Hillary clapper Brennan Page strzok mcCabe on and on. Infact they are so corrupt that AOC looks good compared to them.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 4 months

3 points is likely below the margin error, plus virtue signaling for polls and this makes the number worthless.

harbringer F
harbringer F 4 months

I honestly don't see Biden winning. But it is hilarious to see a guy who raped a girl with his fingers getting Democrat support.

Seekster 4 months

That's right, get excited by the polls and then don't campaign as hard...just like 2016.

not the 1%
not the 1% 4 months

yep, hillary led every major pole, - - - - first, his first debate is when he gets shredded by Trump,,, second,,, it matters 0% difference who wins.... the US, unfortunately, is a 3rd world country - - in almost every sense of the word, ruled by a mega wealthy oligarchy... the president presides- on the end of a very short leash, - over a population that is very cleverly divided by those oligarchs... but hey, at least two alleged sex offenders will get to duel it out, and the mentally retarded one will get beat up by the village idiot--- time to get the popcorn

Cody 4 months

Lol yeahhhh okay... Just like Hillary.

Dexman 4 months

Keep Going Biden, You Can Beat Him!!!

Just_Saying 4 months

In Michigan and Pennsylvania, Mr Biden’s polling lead averages more than 5 percentage points. This is from a poll conducted just a week ago.

Smasher Devourer
Smasher Devourer 4 months

He (trump)has to be destroying him in Michigan

Rocker C Te
Rocker C Te 4 months

I'd rather have Biden obviously but no matter what trump likes to say or think he's still big corp business thru & and thru so is biden. Right now they control govt because they control senators & congress with the amount of money (influence) they've always had. Bernie was the xception.

Dexman 4 months

Come on Texas, Don't Abandon The Rule of Law, Hopefully Biden Flips Texas, Tennessee, And Ohio!

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