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Republican bill seeks sanctions on China over COVID-19 probe

Republican bill seeks sanctions on China over COVID-19 probe

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham has proposed a legislation that would enable the US to impose sanctions on China if it does not cooperate more with investigations into the origins of the COVID-19 outbreak. The ’Covid-19 Accountability Act’ would require China to ’provide a full accounting of events leading up to the outbreak of Covid-19,’ said Graham, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Otis B Driftwood
Otis B Driftwood 4 months

While I think China is guilty as hell over the abuse of trust and international cooperation, I'm not sure this is the right time to kick them in the balls. Economic sanctions won't help anyone get back on their feet right now. I want to see the guilty punished, but this is a matter of practicality.

Janitor Jez
Janitor Jez 4 months

Hey! China bad. Look how terrible they are and ignore the disastrous handling of the epidemic by the White House. The Trumpanzees do seem to mentally impaired enough to be fooled by this Punch and Judy show. 😂

Alt Porcus
Alt Porcus 4 months

GOP and Trump have shown they're more interested in the election than people's lives. Each week they spin and change the direction of the blame. It goes round in circles of, China, Obama and the State. Everybody else's fault but there's. The targeting of key states gives you a clue of where their priorities lie.

Jon 4 months

When do you think Trump will realize we pay the tariffs he puts on China? Ever? He STILL doesn't know how tariffs work.

ian 4 months

China has the only economy doing alright in the world right now. All because they lied. They took huge advantage, both economically and militarily, when every other country was scrambling to come up with a solution. China lied for the first few months about all sorts of things, that caused our reaction to be slow, aswell as numerous other countries around the globe. THEY LITERALLY CLOSED DOWN DOMESTIC TRAVEL IN CHINA BUT LEFT OPEN INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL. Closing international travel would’ve caused their economy to crash and suffer ALONE because all the other countries would’ve stopped using them for manufacturing at that point and wouldve switched to places not infected. When this thing hit china they lied to the world to protect THEIR ECONOMY, when instead they could’ve easily barred international travel at the same time that they barred domestic travel. They couldve stop the world wide spread and limited it to china, but instead they knowingly allowed it to spread. All because they were scared of how closing their international travel would affect their international trade, which is now resulting in millions of unnecessary deaths worldwide. They lied and broke international agreements and protocols and knowingly killed millions of people around the world for CHINAs money. So of course they should pay big time even if they cooperate with the investigation. which they wont. Theyll come up with some more lies for that too.

Takumi 4 months

Bout time

Mat McKenzie
Mat McKenzie 4 months

More then likely the CCP will just place sanctions on the US.

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