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Tucker Carlson rages against Dr. Fauci, calls him ’chief buffoon’

Tucker Carlson rages against Dr. Fauci, calls him ’chief buffoon’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson lashed out at Dr. Fauci Tuesday on his show, mockingly describing him as the ’chief buffoon of the professional class’, who’s been credited with pushing the president to finally take the pandemic seriously. Carlson’s tirade against the leading virologist came after Fauci warned a Senate Health Committee hearing against the premature reopening of the country.

Todd 3 months

Tucker Carlson is correct. Dr. falchi is a horrible human being. Watch Plandemic Part 1 if YouTube hasn't taken it down.

redhandsbluefaces 3 months

Dear Lord this summary is awful. It's not hard to simply describe what happened without using words implying intent or feeling such as "tirade".

J 3 months

I really hope people see thru this. Fauci is an expert that cares about health and wellbeing. Open too soon and it'll restart the process and I HOPE I'M WRONG but I don't think i am!

Barry 3 months

Tucker Carlson rages... Is the beginning of everyone story about Tucker. I'm pretty sure it's his job to rage. Might be in his contact

James 3 months

Of course he's ranting, Cabrlson is an unhinged paid liar for Trump and will attack anyone that Trump attacks. I guarantee you that if Trump starts bashing Reagan again his sycophants like Carlson, who hold up Reagan as the greatest leader in modern history, would join in.

Will Miller
Will Miller 3 months

Thank God someone finally said it

riheg 3 months

Hes talking about Faucis power but he only has the power to advice, so Trump has the last word, right? So I don’t get it??

ken taro
ken taro 3 months

Everyone will be wrong someday.

Supreme 3 months

Meanwhile FOX is telling employees to say home at least until June. The hypocrisy is strong in this one.

Jon 3 months

Fauci is an expert in infectious disease. He gives his professional opinion (which the WH continues to ignore). Thats it. What is this complete nonsense. You think some moron like Trump won't just do whatever he wants anyway?

Dagoberto 3 months

84,000 Dead Americans, 34 Million Amercans Unemployed. Making Amerca Great Again? Remember in November.

_tallman 3 months

Anyone who calls that "rage" doesn't really know Tucker... He was pretty subdued lol

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