Pivotal Electoral College case being considered by Supreme Court

Pivotal Electoral College case being considered by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the United States is currently listening to arguments in a case which has the potential of affecting the outcome of the 2020 elections, and future presidential elections as well. The Electoral College is at the heart of the case, which has, however, largely been a mere formality as per some experts over the past two centuries.

Lover 3 months

The argument from these faithless electors literally boils down to 'orange man bad'.

porcus 3 months

So, this case is brought by faithless Democratic electors who now want the SCOTUS to vindicate their attempts to talk Republican electors out of voting for Trump, and for them not casting their own votes for Hillary. :D

IvoryDove 3 months

The Supreme Court doesn't care what the constitution says. They'll decide based upon their own desires for how they want our government to be. The idea of "winner takes all" is not a constitutional guarantee. Each state has the ability to set its electoral standards, but electors are not slaves. Those states that give a candidate who wins by 1 vote, 100% of their electors are essentially cheating the system.

Zodd3224 3 months

Electoral college is dumb. Your vote is basically meaningless unless you live in one of the twelve or so swing states.

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 3 months

I hope they no all this interstate compact in the butt as well when they rule on this the last thing we need is chaos during a election because Democrats cant win without trying to rewrite the rules

Richard 3 months

Not true. To give all of their electors to the candidate who wins by 1 vote, gives the majority of their voters the power of their electors. For example if a state has 10 electors and the election is a 70/30 split, they could give 7 electors to candidate A, and 3 electors to candidate B. That sounds good at first. Now consider that candidate B wins the general election by 1 elector. By giving those 3 electors to candidate B, they have betrayed the will of 70% of the voters in that state. They have essentially given their voters power to other states. The electoral college is in place so that the will of states, not individuals, is more equally represented at the federal level.

tsylana 3 months

There must be accountability for electors, otherwise voters will have no guarantee that their instructions are carried through.

Mutatis 3 months

Hmm, not sure if I think feds should have any authority over the electoral college beyond maintaining the number of electors per the number of citizens in each state.

michael 3 months

how about we just get rid of the electoral college. technology today means we don't have to ride a horse all weekend to get to our voting booth and expanded education means the average voter is more well informed. basing it on population will erase state lines, doing it with national mail in ballots or weekend voting will ensure that people are heard regardless of their economic position. election reform can't be considered a success without at least the abolishment of the nonsensical teusday voting. "tradition" is just peer pressure from dead people.

Zreak 3 months

I know this will probably be unpopular opinion but I think less people should be able to vote in general. I read a study a while ago that a lot of people vote simply based on which name they recognize!! We allow everyone to vote and yet they have no idea how the government works or anything about who they even vote for. They vote simply for whatever party their family or circle of friends are in. I'm not saying only smart educated people should be able to vote but I think their should at least be an online test or something you have to pass. Like maybe one that asks general questions about the candidates and their positions. People should at least have to know what party and positions the candidates hold before they can vote!

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 3 months

There us a reason the electoral collage is needed for a country with the infrastructure of the united states. If it wasn't for the electoral collage, major urban hubs (NY, LA, Portland....ect) which have no foot in the way rural states and towns are run or what they need, would always win, leaving the vote of the populous in the heartlands and other areas like that moot. You cant change the rules every one plays by because you lost. That said, I am not some major on these issues, so I could be wrong, but it makes no sense given that most urban hubs mostly lean one way, without considering those who live in the boonies.

Barry 3 months

If the purpose of the electoral college was to prevent a populist president from being elected does that mean it has failed?

Doug 3 months

I was at Colorado capitol for Electoral College vote spectacle - huge crowd! Something no one ever considered attending in the past. EC is baloney. (:-(

Johnny 3 months

I may not be a smart as a supreme court justice However: I have to add, There was no mention of the people's choice! It would appear that the Right decions in this case would involve the popular vote and that would sway the decion of the state to remove or replace the person Installed. Our entire system is based on a tally of the votes cast, why would we need to change?

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