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Family of Kentucky African-American paramedic shot by police files lawsuit

Family of Kentucky African-American paramedic shot by police files lawsuit

The family of a paramedic who was asleep in her Kentucky apartment when police entered with a search warrant for someone else and opened fire, killing her, has filed a lawsuit accusing officers of firing more than 20 shots. Police claim they were returning fire after one officer was shot in the apartment of Breonna Taylor. A defence attorney for Taylor’s boyfriend says he fired in self-defence.

AD C 6 months

This case highlights incompetent police officers; 1. They broke into the wrong house. 2 . Didn't announce that they were police properly (Either forgot or weren't loud enough). 3. Got into a shoot out with an armed man yet only ended up hitting his girlfriend.

Sir Spam
Sir Spam 6 months

Guess another reason to have a camera with a microphone installed on your door or in the house. Unless they had body cams on proving they knocked and announced who they were, it is a case of they did or didn't say.

tim 6 months

Sade blue line. Incompetent

Battery Salad
Battery Salad 6 months

Remember folks, only the police are responsible enough to have guns.

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 6 months

Given the unconventional enforcement of these lock down orders as well is other laws I am starting to see police as more of a liability than a benefit. We need to just go back to electing a shariff and have a armed population again we will be much better off

T.N. Morgan
T.N. Morgan 6 months

Police or not, it seems dangerous and stupid to enter someone's home unannounced with weapons drawn. You should expect to be shot in the face if you do this. Not to mention they shot and killed an innocent bystander. Fucking shameful.

TheMadDane 6 months

No knock raid goes bad again at wrong house. Be sure and support that thin blue line though by buying flags and tshirts.

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