Not rubber stamping DoJ’s dropping of Flynn charges, says federal judge

Not rubber stamping DoJ’s dropping of Flynn charges, says federal judge

Emmet Sullivan, a US District Judge made clear on Tuesday that he would not be immediately ruling on the decision of the Justice Department to dismiss its criminal case against Michael Flynn, a former National Security Adviser. The federal judge said that he would allow outside groups and individuals to provide their opinions in the matter.

porcus 3 months

Looks like there is a very strong desire to protect Obama from being scrutinized for the unlawful targeting of Flynn, the Trump campaign, etc. :D

Blaeingr 3 months

Its a trap! Given the issues with the case ,any entity that seeks to keep going after Flynn will just expose themselves and allow for public scrutiny.

Penguin 3 months

I’m asking this question in good faith: can anyone explain to me why Michael Flynn confessed and allowed the whole trial and prosecution to go through if he’s innocent? Why would he not go to the press or something? Republicans controlled all 3 branches of government at the time. I honestly can’t think of an explanation for why he let himself get prosecuted, and I’d appreciate it if someone could just quickly brief me on the argument people are now making. Thanks!

Aaron 3 months

Yes please, let's look at all the new players that are being exposed but as far as Mike Flynn, I think we got how he's been abused by the powers of bureaucracy.

Jon 3 months

Good, hopefully Sullivan continues with sentencing despite the unprecedented meddling by Barr.

darkwingsmurf 3 months

If it’s a federal case why would outside groups and individuals need have a say. Unless I’m missing something if the feds are dropping the case who could prosecute? Hell we haven’t heard anything on Flynn for how long. It’s like he was charged and then it dropped out of coverage til recently

yuckycrumpet 3 months

If he was wrongly imprisoned then he should walk. No problem with that. Still doesn’t mean he didn’t do those things. Guilty people walk on technicalities every day for both good and bad reasons. I’ll support this decision for gooor bad.

Jon 3 months

The Obama blame game is hilarious. What is this strategy? I think its a sign they are worried about their base because this blame Obama shit will have zero impact on democratic voters.

Elaine 3 months

Racists in disguise.

Brandon 3 months

Bill Clinton appointed judge...

krayzie 3 months

Well, I'm glad that's over with! I think it's safe to say that we can put all of this behind us. *hands patting together to signify finality*

Dexman 3 months


Ruth Cole
Ruth Cole 3 months


tsylana 3 months

A spanner thrown into the Qworks.

Michael 3 months

Flynn literally plead guilty!!!!! Don't let them distract you w/ some be Obama blame game trash!!!

tenoclock 3 months

This judge should be fired.

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