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US envoy threatens to trigger return of UN sanctions on Iran

US envoy threatens to trigger return of UN sanctions on Iran

The US threatened on Wednesday to trigger a return of all UN sanctions on Iran if the UN Security Council does not extend an arms embargo on Tehran due to expire in October. This was confirmed by US special envoy for Iran, Brian Hook. Hook said that the US would ’one way or another’ ensure the arms embargo remains, adding that a draft resolution was in place.

M. Schlegel
M. Schlegel 6 months

Just in case anybody thinks the US treats Iran like this because of the lack of democracy and freedom: If it was that reason we would need to treat a lot of countries like Iran. The Saudis e.g. which have an outrught monarchy with some very dictatorial laws and arguably less freedom. Iran at least has a democratically elected government (even though unelected religious leaders have much to much power). But as always, other nations electing there own government and deciding how to live in there country is only OK as long as they are allies to the US... Yes, there are minorities in Iran that aren’t treated well at all (e.g. kurds or any religion other than islam). And their nuclear program is a threat but guess who shut down all possibility to control that nuclear program? Donald Trump when he withdrew from the deal. More sanctions won’t solve the problem and especially not more sanctions without international support. If Trump is such a good dealmaker as he claims he should go and speak to the other leaders in the world and either make a deal with iran that both sides can accept or convince the rest of the world (or at the very least “the western world”) to act together with Trump.

Travis 6 months

The US lost their legitimacy on this when the unilaterally abandoned the JCOAP. The embargo’s being discussed here are specifically part of the agreement that the US abandoned. If they wanted their opinions respected they should not have reneged on the agreement.

Seekster 6 months

The arms embargo on Iran must continue.

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