More than a third of hospitalized COVID-19 patients show kidney injury

More than a third of hospitalized COVID-19 patients show kidney injury

Researchers in the United States reported on Thursday that more than 30 percent of patients who have been treated for the novel coronavirus in a large New York medical system developed acute kidney injury. Out of these, 15 percent required dialysis. These findings are per the results of a study conducted by a team at Northwell Health, which is the largest health provider in New York state.

Tom A
Tom A
Derek 2 weeks

Keeping in mind that only a small percentage of people infected require hospitalization, and only 4.5% of those patients required dialysis because of kidney damage. Not trying to downplay it; it certainly is scary. Just putting it into perspective.

Just_Saying 2 weeks

This highlights how severe and sustained the respiratory insufficiency caused by this virus is. A sustained hypoxic state within the body will damage all the bodies systems, but most often damage is first seen in the kidneys, or the the heart. Often without immediate intervention this damage will lead to death.

brad 2 weeks

2% of confirmed Covid-19 illnesses get hospitalized, so .67% of confirmed cases may suffer kidney damage. Let's adjust for commonly accepted variables: for every confirmed case, there are around 100 (this is on the lower end of the estimates) more who are infected who haven't been confirmed by a test, nor have been ill enough to seek a doctor's help. That translates into 0.0002% of those who get the Rona being hospitalized, and 0.000067% of cases suffering organ damage. For those who are more visual, this equals 1 in 5,000 infected going to the hospital, and fewer than 7 out of 100,000 infected suffering organ damage. Let's keep things in perspective, shall we. Carry on with your day!

J. P.
J. P. 2 weeks

A third of *hospitalized* patients. Yeah if you can’t breathe so bad you need hospitalization you’re in a world of hurt.

David 2 weeks

I feel this is what individuals who don’t wear masks or who believe we need to commence with operation open country miss. There is the feeling that this is either a flu like experience or you die and that most don’t die. That misses the whole other array of effects, from heart damage, scars on lungs, blood clot issues, strokes, to kidney failure. With 80% not going to hospital it feels low risk, but that last 20% have a range of serious damage.

Max Bants
Max Bants 2 weeks

Yep. """Conspiracy theorists """ were saying this in January. the virus damages organs that have lots of ACE2. Which includes the testicles. Give it another month or two and a "stunning new report" will find Coronavirus is causing infertility in men.

Blahrtos 2 weeks

This is why the deathrate doesn't show the entire picture

Austin 2 weeks

This seems to be a scare story and not entirely accurate

michael 2 weeks

let's keep in mind, for those trying to downplay these numbers by turning them into percentages, this is on top of an already malfunctioning system of commercialized health. you've even heard trump say our support systems are full in the past when telling immigrants to go away. so every case is putting pressure on a system that was not ready for this. one that trump had three years to fix if he actually cared more about the American people than cheating at golf.

IvoryDove 2 weeks

Lies, damnable lies, and statistics.... Designed to create fear.... I live in a county that has had 4 COVID-19 cases. If one pops up, the newspaper will scream "Twenty-Five Percent Increase in COVID-19 Cases!!!" This is so misleading it borders on criminal. A fraction of those who get the virus end up in the hospital. A fraction of those are so bad they suffer organ damage. It's sad, but it's not a national threat. This is pure fear mongering.

Jack 2 weeks

In a room with four walls; why is it that only one wall is focused on? * This is serious people.

Aaron 2 weeks

Early treatment is key, this should not be an issue with proper medical care and nutrition

SickOfTribalisem 2 weeks

Well yeah from my understanding the most femage is still cause dby extreme inflamation... too much inflamation is never good regardless of where it is in your body...but data is still coming out and i'm noy a doctor but... we've knew it was this bad before.. it's nothing very new... orgen demage is bad... it's fairly obvious for most people

daryl 2 weeks

Thug union types still delivering wiffel dust that causes these issues and spa activity flying hole with witch's and dead children ect. Have this u fu....

GT... 2 weeks

They forgot to mention, that more than 90% of hospitalized covid patients has one or more life threatening conditions. Kidney failure is most likely is in the top 3-4. This is obviously a "crafted to scare" article.

Marion 2 weeks

This is a common side affect of the medicines being used to treat Covid-19 like hydroxychloroquine. Last month there was a report on how some people in China were starting to have a dark brown skin tone due to the higher iron content in their blood caused by the kidney damage. It should be temporary in most cases. Edit: Nevermind just remembered that was liver damage not kidney, sorry about that.

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