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Call on Obama to testify, Trump asks GOP

Call on Obama to testify, Trump asks GOP

United States President Donald Trump on Thursday ratcheted up his attacks against former President Barack Obama, as the former has accused Mr. Obama of indulging in wrongdoing against his campaign with the help of officials in the previous administration. To this effect, President Trump has said that Republicans should call on the former president to testify.

michael 6 months

hey trump, how about YOU testify? there's a nice court case going about your hotels profiting from you being president, you could go testify there.

Hannibal 6 months

Well according to Democrats he should testify if he has nothing to hide. If the same logic holds for Trump it should apply to Saint Barack. The difference here is that we have genuine facts on our side and not a fake dossier and the false sanctity of corrupt lunatics in charge of the FBI.

Carol 6 months

GOP and Trump have some nerve! They are as "crazy" as "bedbugs!"

Jon 6 months

Trump is so dumb he doesnt even realize that doing this would waive the immunity he has been hiding behind this whole time LOL 😂😂😂 AND GRAHAM KNOWS IT!!! Heres sycophant Grahams response to this completely hilarious request. “I don’t think now’s the time for me to do that. I don’t know if that’s even possible. I have grave concerns about the role of executive privilege and all kinds of issues,” Graham said in a brief interview. “I understand President Trump’s frustration, but be careful what you wish for. Just be careful what you wish for.”

Jon 6 months

Now that is funny😂😂 I gotts give him credit Trump is god damn hilarious. He is so clueless it makes for the best self pwnage.

John 6 months

Everyone picks on Trump poor Donald what a shame

Rose 6 months

I would love to see that spectacle ! Can you imagine the circus if we required Trump to ALSO testify? Bring it on.

Kaitlyn 6 months

For the crime Trump can’t name?

Aaron 6 months

Thank GOD for Trump, no one else would repair our American republic. I knew the corruption was there, could feel it in my guy at an early age but never knew it was at this extent. Now the question is; did we win the cold war or was there a false sense of accomplishment? Did this lead to the blind eye towards "higher" education that produces these bureaucrats,law makers, judges and media executives?

Boo 6 months

Watch out Obama, Hillary and crooked Dems. You're about to get run over by Justice !

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