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Hearings on Russia probe, Flynn will be started in June, says Lindsey Graham

Hearings on Russia probe, Flynn will be started in June, says Lindsey Graham

The Senate Judiciary Committee would begin hearings in June on the FBI’s investigation into Russia’s election interference and President Trump’s campaign, Senator Lindsey Graham said on Thursday. The hearings would also be dealing with the Justice Department’s decision to drop its case against Michael Flynn, the former National Security Adviser.

Tom A
Tom A
Jon 3 months

No former president has ever testified under subpoena in American history but two have done so voluntarily. How great would it be if Obama volunteered and just destroyed these cultists? Not only would it be great but then the precedent would be set and Trumps immunity he has been hiding behind will be destroyed and he would endure a wave of litigation, in his words: "the likes of which youve never seen before." 😂😂

tsylana 3 months

What will happen when nothing comes of this except to verify that nothing illegal, or unethical, was done and no arrests occur?

🌀W_AS 3 months

The FBI was doing surveillance on the then Russian Ambassador. The Russian Ambassador was discussing the lifting of those sanctions, with an American, from Russian billionaires, how those billionaires would be appreciative and how Russian money might be allowed to go to various Americans to show appreciation to some Americans for the lifting of those sanctions. The American was not named by the FBI. Only referred to, in the transcript of surveillance, as American #1, or something like that. Some in government were interested in who the American actually was. Who was the Russian Ambassador talking with and implying that if the sanctions were lifted there could be some form of appreciation shown to those that lifted the sanctions? Who was that? Authorized members of our government requested that the name be disclosed to them. The name disclosed was Mike Flynn. One would think that Trump would be concerned that a member of his team was discussing, of that nature, with the Russians. No he was upset that Mike Flynn’s name was revealed. Mike Flynn and the Russian Ambassadors conversation is just one of 280 conversations that the FBI recorded between Russian agents and Americans in Trumps campaign.

tenoclock 3 months

Took you long enough. Hopefully we'll actually see some arrests made.

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