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Amazon says it will end $2/hour bonus in two weeks

Amazon says it will end $2/hour bonus in two weeks

Amazon plans to extend hazard pay for warehouse workers through the end of May, but it will return to normal pay rates in June. As part of the program, workers can earn an extra $2 per hour in the US, $2.47 an hour in the UK, and $2.16 an hour in many EU countries. That bonus is on top of the $15 an hour or more that Amazon currently pays workers in the US for warehouse and delivery jobs.

Judah 3 months

I'm not a leftist by any means, but it's insane to me that in the wake of the strikes and all the threats of unionizing they would take this step to alienate their staff while working them to the bone. This cronyism is what causes such severe unrest it brings industry to a halt, which is the last thing we need right now.

Skot 3 months

These workers need to unionize more than anyone.

Mike 3 months

Oh? It's over? Record profits aside, the workers are no longer in danger? They should all picket on day 1 of the paycut.

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