McConnell says Obama administration ’did leave behind’ pandemic plan

McConnell says Obama administration ’did leave behind’ pandemic plan

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Thursday that he was wrong to claim former President Obama didn’t leave a ’game plan’ to deal with a pandemic when he left the White House. ’They did leave behind a plan. I clearly made a mistake in that regard,’ he said. McConnell had claimed on Monday that the current White House had not been briefed by the previous admin on preparing for a pandemic.

Rocky 3 months

If he did it should be thrown out. Obama's h1n1 response resulted 60.8 million Americans infected in 2009. Trump's covid response resulted in 1.44 million Americans infected. I'm not one to put the responsibility on the nation's leader as viruses are not really under the control of government, but if we are trying to see how good Obama's "pandemic playbook" was the numbers are self explanatory.

Jon 3 months

Deep state McConnell. No one disagrees with Der Führer. Der Führer said there was no plan by Obama and that Obama was the reason he was failing at a response.

Jack 3 months

I have a lot of respect for politicians who can admit when they are wrong. It's an incredibly rare quality in elected officials.

IvoryDove 3 months

If there was a plan, why didn't anyone know what it was? Shouldn't it have been published, distributed to the states, and ready for implementation on day one? The whole "don't wear a mask... Oh wait.. Yes, wear a mask" debacle shows it wasn't in plan.

Hoover 3 months

McConnell has an AWFUL lot of apologizing to do for all the wrong he has done .

Timothy 3 months


Ruth 3 months

Well obama basically knew it was coming..wonder how

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