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Would say yes to be Biden’s running mate, says Susan Rice

Would say yes to be Biden’s running mate, says Susan Rice

Susan Rice, a former National Security Adviser of the Obama administration, in an interview with PBS said that she would not say no to an offer to become former Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate. Ms. Rice said that she would be up for the task if Mr. Biden, the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee felt she could serve the nation in this manner.

#Donate2RebellionPAC 6 months

On paper it's a great idea, In reality White educated suburban women who voted For a Pussy Grabber instead of a woman, - will still vote for the Orange Misogynistic racist in the White House. We have no one to blame But the people who decided to stay home on the election day in 2016. Some blame should also be reserved especially for the Trolls and the platforms of disinformation Just like News Voice. The fact is - This platform is registered in Sweden. The owner Is from a Sweden as well with a good Russian name Viktor. #BoycottNewsVoice - And every time I have objectively criticized them they suspend my account for a week. They've even made a special commenting rules subsection 2.2 just for me, Accusing me of renting and commenting off topic. They fiercely defended the right of trolls to use vile disgusting language in the comments Under the color of free speech, Except when it comes to someone hitting their Platform's bottom line and their ability to raise money. Whatever you do - do not give this platform any of your hard-earned money and make sure go into Google Play Feedback And voice your objection Of their Pro trolling And Disgusting Censorship. My intention is to continue to exercise my freedom of speech Without pejoratives.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 6 months

wow if Susan Rice gets the nod it will make it even harder to vote Biden.

Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 6 months

So she would be President if he gets elected

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