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TikTok’s co-founder to step down as CEO

TikTok’s co-founder to step down as CEO

CEO and co-founder of TikTok’s owner ByteDance, Zhang Yiming, has announced he will step down and transition to a new role by the end of the year. Yiming will be succeeded by fellow co-founder Rubo Liang. In a letter to employees, Yiming said he lacked ’some of the skills that make an ideal manager,’ and was ’more interested in analyzing organizational and market principles.’

Shono 0 months

Sounds like politics and pressure

Presited Biden【Official】
Presited Biden【Official】 0 months

CCP installs new figure head to promote spying app.

Ma'am, it's Ma'am!!
Ma'am, it's Ma'am!! 0 months

Tiktok is cancer

Howard 4 weeks

In other words, Pooh Bear is unhappy with his performance.

Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 0 months

Did he fail to show the correct deference to Winnie the Dictator? 🤔

Ddddd 3 weeks

He should be imprisoned.

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