Gov. Gretchen Whitmer addresses the public emphasizing the ’stay-at-home’ order

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer addresses the public emphasizing the ’stay-at-home’ order

Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, revealed this Friday morning that she had lost ’a dear friend’ to COVID-19. She continued, stating that this virus is a ’very real threat’ and criticized the anti-lockdown protestors. With respect to the latter, she claimed that their motive is ’political’ and they pose as carriers of the virus.

bad news bear
bad news bear 2 weeks

"Whitmer urged residents to take 'politics out of this conversation'." And yet she blames the Republicans and Trump for the alleged continued spreading of the virus. It's funny how the article had maybe a paragraph about the supposed friend that passed away, the rest of the long article was political blame and misinformation

Mike 2 weeks

Like she's never lost anyone to Heart Disease, Cancer, Drugs or Alcohol....the only things that kills anyone is Covid-19!

Pryotra 2 weeks

I feel for her loss, but that doesn't give her the authority to be a Tyrant. She should listen to the people who are her constituents in the state of Michigan, who right now are demanding their liberty. We can either handle it like an elected representative or like a Tyrant. Either way she will get treated as she treats others.

bobby_5150 2 weeks

There's lies, damned lies anb Democrat's lies.

Boo 2 weeks

Endless Liberal tears cause the oceans to rise. Another day another victim.

Carisa D
Carisa D 2 weeks

Is she friends with a lot of 90 year old obese people with emphysema?

Paul C
Paul C 2 weeks

And in the next election she will lose her job to it.

Mister Manager
Mister Manager 2 weeks

This reminds me of George W Bush, "he tried to kill my dad."

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