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Fitbit plans to make emergency ventilators for Covid-19

Fitbit plans to make emergency ventilators for Covid-19

Fitbit is shifting its supply chain to make emergency-use ventilators, CEO James Park said. The company is submitting its technology to the FDA soon. A team started working on the ventilators after consulting with physicians, as per Park. Fitbit plans to build the vents to meet the level of demand, both in the US and in countries around the world.

Jason 3 months

We do t have a ventilator shortage. Also, only about 10% of people who need a ventilator survive covid. I work at a hospital and we network with other centers across the country. no One is dieing because the didnt get a ventilator. We have it covered.

bad news bear
bad news bear 3 months

I'm waiting for GM to come out with an overly engineered mask after everyone has gotten over the pandemic. They are after all the master of too little too late.

Steve 3 months

Both the CNBC article and digitaltrends start off by saying there initially was a shortage of ventalators, then both quote the Associated Press as saying the U.S. now has a surplus. The justification for gearing up to make ventalators is in case there is a surge as restrictions are released. That seems strange. Then again, a lot of reactions to this virus do not make sense.

Matt 3 months

We don't need more and last I'd heard I thought ventilators were making things worse

SIGTERM 3 months

A little late to the party for sure

Wholly 3 months

A day late and a dollar short, Fitbit. And I like your products.

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