Elon Musk plans to move Tesla to Texas or Nevada

Elon Musk plans to move Tesla to Texas or Nevada

Elon Musk said on Saturday that he plans to move Tesla to either Texas or Nevada — after the electronic carmaker was stopped from reopening on Friday by California health officials. Musk also said that Tesla would be filing a lawsuit against Alameda County, whose health officials prohibited the company from opening despite Gov. Gavin Newsom announcement on easing of lockdown measures statewide.

porcus 3 months

Good for Musk and the Tesla company. Plenty of other sane States out there to choose from with technical talent and a MUCH friendlier tax environment.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 3 months

Come to Texas! No state tax and people leave you alone.

krayzie 3 months

Takes some stones to geographically move his still fringe car company away from it's base. I'm seriously impressed that he has bucked the tyranny so hard. For those who want to say he's just being self-serving, I say great. Let the free market reign. The US is a constitutional republic. Let the states compete with each other. It will bring better products and jobs to society faster.

Boo 3 months

He is welcome as long as he doesn't bring any socialist-commies with him. The last thing we need is for Californians to come into a state and turn it into the sh:the*le they left by voting in Democrats.

Leslie S
Leslie S 3 months

Why anyone would have a business in California is beyond me.

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 3 months

The world has most certainly not turned on Elon Musk, that first article is nothing but propaganda

Seekster 3 months

Welcome to Texas Tesla. We will treat you right. *imagine with accent*

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 3 months

At thier next meeting the "California Employment Training Panel" can discuss using thier budget to train people to work in fast food or retail jobs instead of high tech electric car manufacturing. Oh wait those other jobs may not even exist post-lockdown and no high tech workers to be patrons. Really good call CA, almost as if you got advice from AOC.

krayzie 3 months

Ding-dong C-A is dead.

Shawn 3 months

Idk how I feel about this.. on one hand, I love Elon and am a big fan. On the other hand... I can’t stand y’all Cali losers, moving to my state and fucking it up.. y’all idiots move to red states to escape the failures of y’alls blue bullshit. But still, y’all push left wing crap and change up what makes us red states, so great. Either pull your heads out of the asses of your slave owners and vote red, or stay the hell out. Y’all made the bed of shit! Now lay in it and leave our bed alone!

YourHighness 3 months

Alameda: Priority to people's health. Musk: Priority to my ego & profits.

Richard Cranium
Richard Cranium 3 months

Thanks a lot, GAVIN.

Virtual Signals
Virtual Signals 3 months

Key point: Tesla and SpaceX are non-union shops.

Brad 3 months

Good. Musk can take his over priced cars and poor employee care and kiss right off. Cali doesn’t need or want him. #ByeFelicia

Shane 3 months

Hell to the ya!

porcus 3 months

Awesome. :D Texas has a very very diverse economy, friendly people, good food, etc. The only downsides are all the venomous critters there, and the climate (at least in East Texas).

4thHokage 3 months

All these ppl love kissing up to ceo's like I'm supposed to give 2 cents about what Elon or another rich ahole that takes a shit on ppl

Johnny 3 months

Of course every company wants to leave California now because of the progressive rules and laws California will soon close all business.

Braces4Impact 3 months

That's awesome. Then instead of the production line not moving because of a stay at home order, they'll be on lockdown because everyone will be too sick to work. I'd be concerned if he brought his germ factory to my town.

Dank Duck
Dank Duck 3 months

I couldn't stand this self absorbed hyperhype snakeoil merchant for a long time (selling scientifically impractical ideas like hyperloop to masses and getting millions conned out of governments for it), but then again, I begin to warm up to him for putting his b's on the table against authoritarian leftists.

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