Trump takes to twitter saying ’Fake news is not essential!’ to Kevin Vesey

Trump takes to twitter saying ’Fake news is not essential!’ to Kevin Vesey

President Donald Trump criticizes News 12 reporter, Kevin Vesey over his tweet that went viral with 9.8 million views. Vesey vented that the anti-lockdown protestors displayed verbal violence against him for simply wanting to cover their story. Many known faces such as Politico reporter Tim Alberta and CNN’s Jake Tapper took to twitter in support of Vesey.

Rah 3 months

In the ideal world, president and journalists would respect each other. And people would not in search for app like newsvoice. And you would not be reading this.

Commodore 3 months

No, President Chump, YOU are non essential, you worthless excuse for a leader. Now, take your ugly orange face and bury it in the sand. Oh, but please be sure to hug a few of your cult45 Trumptard followers first. Thanks!👍🏽

Bruce 3 months

I would say the fake POTUS is non-essential? It's too bad he can't simply defer to the experts instead of throwing his babymsn tantrums all the time and sowing the seeds of discontent in the American people! Vote Blue and save our country from dictatorship!

shawn 3 months

I guess you should shut down Fox News as their fake news in my opinion

dan 3 months

went viral, most people made fun of his crying

Dexman 3 months

We Must Extend Lockdown Orders, No More Anti-Lockdown Military Propaganda!!!

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