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Microsoft is buying COVID-19 patients’ blood

Microsoft is buying COVID-19 patients’ blood

Microsoft and a Seattle-based biotech firm called Adaptive Biotechnologies have launched a new study to examine how the human immune system fights COVID-19. As part of the study, they are inviting eligible groups of people (exposed, infected, or recovered) to provide blood samples. The reward for completing the initial study is a $50 gift card, with the option to make $250 for further studies.

No Signal
No Signal 4 months

What the holy fuck? Anyone comes to my door asking to buy blood will be answered with a garlic mounted 12 gauge slug.

Ashie 4 months

I’ve a feeling that ole Gatesey may have a plan here

Randall 4 months

Ole Billy Gates can pay me $25k just to knock on my door. Another $50k/minute to talk to me. And another $250k to walk away without a lead overdose to the chest.

tsylana 4 months

This is definitely a sign that the satanic Soros slush fund is in the US and the whore of Babylon is about to resurrect and eat a bat on TV then, using chemtrails, spreading its dessicated remains over the country in order to impregnate people who normally can't become pregnant with the Hounds of the Baskerville's in order to target Betty in Wichita.

AlanMehanna 4 months

Scary af!

Life of Ri
Life of Ri 4 months


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