Pelosi calls firing of Inspector General ’unsavory’

Pelosi calls firing of Inspector General ’unsavory’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Sunday that President Trump’s firing of the State Department’s top internal watchdog ’could be unlawful’. ’The fact is if it looks like it’s in retaliation for something that the IG, the inspector general, is doing, that could be unlawful’, Pelosi said in an interview. Trump on Friday ousted IG Steve Linick, the fourth IG he has fired since early April.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 1 weeks

Just like it's typical for you to flip flop like a desperate fish out of the swamp.

Edmond_Dantes 1 weeks

Looks like Pelosi took time out from sucking her gums to deride the President again. So sad!

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 1 weeks

His firing was warranted and I hope he gets prosecuted. Mishandling classified information is a crime

Paul C
Paul C 1 weeks

Pelosi calling someone else's actions "unsavory" is like a tip of the hat from a grandmaster. A professional recognition in a way.

Fatman in Paradise
Fatman in Paradise 1 weeks

He was only fired after multiple complaints and mishandling of cases' evidence as well as apparently leaking classified information...if this happened under Obama, he'd be dead.

Chris Cahill
Chris Cahill 1 weeks

So is a 3trillion spending bill on top of a 2.2trillion one

808HIvibes 1 weeks

How is this news? Pelosi claps the corporate and reflexive right-wing media just pounces on this stuff. When she gets something passed into law then I will listen up, otherwise keep this gossip drama in the entertainment section

Mozgus 1 weeks

Like a dollar general frozen salsbury steak.

Skot 1 weeks

Queen of insider trading would know about unsavory. I believe her.

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