Monkey trial of Oxford vaccine shows encouraging results

Monkey trial of Oxford vaccine shows encouraging results

NIH researchers in Montana has said a potential COVID-19 vaccine tested on six rhesus macaque monkeys has shown encouraging signs. Researchers said the monkeys that got the vaccine developed protective antibodies against COVID-19. The vaccine is being developed by Oxford University. Rhesus monkeys and humans have about 93% of their DNA in common.

Dave 2 weeks

Well humans share 60% of the same DNA as a banana. Tests to see if they can develop the antibodies is thus far inconclusive. P.S. send me more bananas.

ConcealCarryProtect 2 weeks

Im just imagining alot of monkeys with coughs now.

Shane Olson
Shane Olson 2 weeks

I wonder how long until PETA starts bitching

Joe 2 weeks

Finally, progress is essential to this pandemic. I am happy to hear we might have a resolution for this virus.

Rhokanth 2 weeks

RIP to all the monkeys who died so that we may live.

EverythingisStupid 2 weeks

No animals were harmed in the making of this post.

Enrico 2 weeks

Good! If it works in Monkeys, sure will work for trump followers!

Ethan 2 weeks

A vaccine will come soon. I just wish this pandanic never happened. Hopes and prayers gp out to all the familys effected around the world.

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