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YouTube takes down video from epidemiologist who denounced lockdown orders

YouTube takes down video from epidemiologist who denounced lockdown orders

Dr. Knut Wittkowski, former head of biostatistics, epidemiology at Rockefeller University, claims YouTube removed a video of him talking about the virus which had racked up more than 1.3 M views. Wittkowski has been a vocal critic of the nation’s current steps to fight COVID-19, deriding social distancing, advocating instead the coronavirus should be allowed to achieve ’herd immunity’.

Stephen 6 months

Shocking when corporate entity beholden to the anti-trump wing starts banning science because the science disagrees with them.

Jason 6 months

Wrong think doc. Some time at the ministry of Reeducation will straighten you up.

Tom 6 months

This is why I'm on Bitchute and JoshWhoTV these days. YouTube's "authoritative sources" are the same ones that take footage from Italian hospitals and say it's the US (twice) while suppressing and outright censoring the people who point this out

Change Matters
Change Matters 6 months

Say it with me: NO entity, funded in whole or part by any government program through subsidy, grant or any other means, has the right to violate any part of the constitution including the right to free speech.

james miller
james miller 6 months

Any opinions allowed as long as long as they don't differ from the Party line comrade.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 6 months

Bad move, YT. I watched his videos, he's a serious scientist, discussing facts and criticizing the current approach to the pandemic - this is not the first and not even the worst one. He's definitely not a conspiracy theorist. Science advances by building hypotheses & theories. Not by stern censorship from WHO bureaucrats & CCP ideologues.

Beijing Binden
Beijing Binden 6 months

1984 is here and the only cure in 1776. The pure evil leftist globalist are the real disease.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 6 months

Daily Alinsky 'affirmation': The lockdown is good. The longer it goes, the better it is. We know what is good for you. Disagreement is bad and will not be tolerated.

LordCartoon 6 months

I don’t care if the epidemiologist is right or wrong but free speech should not be restricted. He is expressing his opinion he might have a point that supports economy and accepts more death. Swedes have taken that path and what Stopps Americans to take the same path if they wish so? I am not saying it’s the right path, I am just say it’s up to Americans to chose their path.

Skot 6 months

There is no reason to bring Trump into this subject, because as far as I know there is no correlation between Dr. Wittkowski and Trump. In fact, Trump has been more in line with Fauci's thinking and protocol, so where's the connection? Mentioning Trump only shows your bias against free expression and the inability to hold contrasting or oppositional views in your head, while you prioritize some battle between cliques. It's the most disgusting aspect of herd mentality that people accuse of Trump supporters that they are also in fact just as guilty of. Anyone that thinks what YouTube did was a good thing is either a coward or a child. I grew up thinking the Left was the side for intellectuals, creatives, independent thinkers and those with moral courage. Weak.

susan 6 months

Glad to see YouTube sniffed out the “Quack” and removed his post! Obviously, Trump was trying to run interference, hoping to gain political momentum for his insurmountable failures as a leader! Come November...the Orange Embarrassment will be history!

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 6 months

Naughty Naughty Tuby.

Seth 6 months

It will eventually come down to herd immunity either now or in the future

helloworld 6 months

The honest IT people have been fighting this, like Julian Aasagne, Edward Snowden. The ones who created Thor (onion browser) etc... I'm a millennial and it is a shame, almost irrational, to see our freedom of expression to be suppressed so badly and with so much complacency from public. Really a shame...

Decoy 6 months

Not surprising. With the vast majority of scientific consensus supporting lockdown efforts, it makes sense people would not want to host misinformation that will get people killed. That is their right.

Max Bants
Max Bants 6 months

Fuck this 1984 shit

Thomas 6 months

Yep. The internet Nazis are at it again. Free speech is dead in America, thanks to Google and Facebook

Cas The Demon
Cas The Demon 6 months

This guys name is literally Knutjob.

Fatman in Paradise
Fatman in Paradise 6 months

"LISTEN TO THE EXPERTS!" said experts disagree..."ONLY LISTEN TO OUR EXPERTS!" ...adds Greta Thunberg to Covid-19 expert panel..."...are you erious..? ....k...LISTEN TO OUR EXPERTS (?)"

asKaren 6 months

I'd like to know more because I fear being force to be vaccinated. I'm against modern medicine or should I say, I don't trust it! I should have rights to my body and what I allow to put in it or not. I have never been part of a herd and would like to remain that way!

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