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Nations support Australia’s call for a probe into coronavirus origins

Nations support Australia’s call for a probe into coronavirus origins

A coalition of 62 nations will support Australia’s call for an independent investigation into the international response to coronavirus pandemic. The entire 27-member European Union along with New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan, the UK, India, Canada, Russia, Mexico and Brazil backs the demand for probe and is to be put to the World Health Assembly for a vote on Tuesday.

Virtual Signals
Virtual Signals 3 months

Just waiting for all the anti-Trump brigades to defend the China-beholden WHO and the authoritarian dictatorship of China in the comments. Why? Because anyone against Trump is their ally, truth and justice be damned!

Jay 3 months

Planet Earth demanding accountability from one country that doesn’t give a crap WHO they kill! Time to for every country listed to send 10 war ships of the China Coast. AND LET TAIWAN LEAD! They are rightfully pissed at the crooked WHO! China killed babies and elderly without regard! The planet must make this clear.

Roamer MGTOW
Roamer MGTOW 3 months

Im a little suspicious of the EU being involved with this. Of course I'm still against the CCP.

Max Bants
Max Bants 3 months

Fate had us meet as foes, but this corona will make us brothers.

CommanderVaasDC 3 months

OnLy ThE uSa Is BlAmInG cHiNa As A dIsTrAcTiOn.

IvoryDove 3 months

The ABC plot of various countries' COVID-19 cases has a startling element. Only China has seen the complete flattening of their curve. This means either they have a vaccine, or they are lying to the world. Why else would the COVID-19 virus appear to be leaving them alone?

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 3 months

I'm just gonna spoil it for you... *CHIIIIIIINA DID IT*

Arthur 3 months

its to bad it has to come to this ! the WHO is clearly biased and very comprimised by it leader!

tsylana 3 months

Awful lots of goons in here who think this is an investigation of China's actions - their pipe dream - rather than what it actually is, which is an investigation into the natural origins of Sars-cov2 and the response by WHO, and the international community.

Gaurav 3 months

Many nations will resist to divulge full information about the origin, extent and their response in order to cover up any mistakes committed during the outbreak or to escape scrutiny by their voters. However, the pandemic could had been averted or controlled if countries would had not done the same by concealing or downplaying the dangers of Covid virus. It's to be seen if resolution is passed to investigate the matters, what levels of cooperation is achieved in probe.

yuckycrumpet 3 months

Oh my gawd Australia be on Xgames mofo. US can’t keep up.

Fr_gy 3 months


Elaine 3 months

Trump's truth and reality are two different things entirely.

Property 3 months

"At this stage neither China nor the US have backed the motion" why, why hasn't the US backed it

Jax Milovitch
Jax Milovitch 3 months

Any that don’t are gutless

BadgerMilk 3 months

The law suits should pummel China back to the middle ages. This was the Chrrnobyl of the 21st century. Commies can't be trusted not fuck up a cup of coffee.

Arker 3 months

Wait, but the media said it was all Trumps fault...

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