Trump labels Obama ’grossly incompetent’

Trump labels Obama ’grossly incompetent’

President Trump slammed former President Obama as ’grossly incompetent’, in response to Obama’s criticism leveled against him the previous day. ’Look, he was an incompetent president, that’s all I can say. Grossly incompetent’, Trump said, while acknowledging he had not seen Obama’s remarks. Obama said Saturday that the coronavirus pandemic has exposed a lack of leadership in the U.S.

Stephen 1 weeks

Either Obama is grossly incompetent and knew nothing of the corruption within his own administration OR he knew and did nothing to stop it and thereby aided in the corruption of the highest office in the land. Stupid or Corrupt. There is no third option.

Skot 1 weeks

Obama was definitely more competent at enriching the ruling class, putting the left to sleep while he screwed minorities, workers, and bombed brown people who had the resources his corporate masters needed. That's the real reason the establishment Republicrats hate Trump. He does a terrible job representing their interests and putting a respectable face on empire. Bad news is Trump isn't the populist his supporters voted for either. He's probably better than Biden as monstrous as that reality might be.

Max Bants
Max Bants 1 weeks

Either he was grossly incompetent, or criminally corrupt.

Gary W
Gary W 1 weeks

Obama would have to cut his brain in half and he would still be way smarter than Trump. As far as corruption, the Trump administration is setting records on how to line his pockets while in office.

Boo 1 weeks

Obama was one of the worst presidents since Nixon. Probably a little better than Carter, but not much.

Antony-John 1 weeks

Corruption? Says the guy who hid his tax return when running for president. He should disclose his income, his childrens and in-laws, and see how much pay-to-play is there. Not even mentioning the nepotism.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 1 weeks

I despised Obomba but that's SO FAR OFF it's like a goldfish calling Einstein stupid!

Doug 1 weeks

The usual major projection from the White House, which, among other repeated wholesale failures, ignored 69-page color-coded pandemic playbook. It's available online for those who care about facts.

IvoryDove 1 weeks

Obama blamed Bush for everything that went wrong in his administration, and now he's trashing the sitting president. The Obama doctrine of presidential behavior is stunningly bereft of class or dignity.

Matthew 1 weeks

Obama was certainly not incompetent. He was unimaginably corrupt.

Smasher Devourer
Smasher Devourer 1 weeks

Anyone that wants to defend Obama look up fast and furious or operation sickamore. And proceed to stfu

ConcealCarryProtect 1 weeks

Obama was entirely competent. He knew exactly how to please his corporate overlords and stay just enough in the limelight to not garner suspicion. Trump in my opinion is not altogether competent. He doesn't walk the Neocon line, but defaults to it when he doesn't know what's going on. He is somewhat valuable, but also somewhat dangerous in his spontaneity. He moves to the left and right and reacts to his base. He knows what he is doing in the financial field, and manipulating media, but not much else.

Jon 1 weeks

"Grossly incompetent, thats all I can say" We know thats literally ALL you can say. When he was asked about what crime Obama committed he could not answer even though according to him its the biggest crime in American history. 🤣🤣

bad news bear
bad news bear 1 weeks

Pretty ballsy, the worst president in US history criticising the current administration. Someone please tell me something Obama did that wasn't a complete failure please, and I don't mean Obamacare, I'm still paying out the A for that. I did like when he had to be told to stop referring to the US as Obamanation.

IvoryDove 1 weeks

Obama should be arrested and charged with treason. STS-6 suffered a huge blow when their helicopter was targeted and taken down after Joe Biden announced to the world that they'd taken out OBL. Obama launched a war in Syria without congressional approval. He's a criminal. He should stfu.

J 1 weeks

We know he projects his incompetence and that's what this is. Obama did a pretty good job. Trump is a failure. He has democracy threatened. The rule of law is threatened. Our health is threatened and the rest Of the worlD is laughing at us.

Jayce Crowther
Jayce Crowther 1 weeks

To be fair, it's more grossly incapable rather than grossly incompetent.

Michael 1 weeks

Obama may have been a corporate stooge, but he was infinitely better than the Trumptard. What should you expect when the greater evil berates the lesser evil, simply more evil.

Commodore 1 weeks

Ha! This is hysterical. 1st of all, Professor Lysol can't even spell "grossly incompetent". We all know he can't read. 2nd of all 91,306 American Deaths and 1,535,123 US cases is the epitome of incompetent. What, was this King Donald the Clown's grand master plan? Seeing as how Obama's pandemic response was so inadequate, this is how der Führer Trump planned this to go? 😂 Great plan. ''m so impressed 👎🏽

Jack 1 weeks

Obama was very lackluster. Trump is even lower.

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