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Rove says Obama committed ’political drive-by shooting’ at HBCU commencement

Rove says Obama committed ’political drive-by shooting’ at HBCU commencement

Karl Rove has accused Barack Obama of a ’political drive-by shooting’ after Obama’s comments during the virtual commencement for historically black colleges on Saturday. In his speech, Obama said that the pandemic had ripped back the curtain on the government, showing who was really in charge and who was simply pretending.

Rob 4 months

frickin Republican racists.

Lesley 4 months

Karl Rove. The mastermind behind the disastrous neo-con revolution that brought in mass surveillance and the police state. We haven't forgotten his role in 9/11 either. How dare he show his face on national television ever again.

Judi Em
Judi Em 4 months

A desperate attempt by BHO to deflect attention. Didn't work. The swamp is real and there's no sweeping it back under the rug. 🤡

FoodNotBombs 4 months

And? Does Karl forget what politics is?

Kyle G
Kyle G 4 months

People only listen to Obama because he is black..there I said it.

EnricoLudo 4 months

Oh yea! Republicans have shown a lot of respect for others, specially trumpy!

Dee 4 months

So... Trump, a failed business man and con artist, can say whatever he wants, acuse people of false crimes and lie about scientific facts and data... But Obama can't say anything? .... Oookay ...

Rocky 4 months

Right on!!!

EnricoLudo 4 months

Drop 💀 Karl!

Carol 4 months

What has Trump been doing for the last 4 years?!!

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