FBI finds al Qaeda link after breaking encryption on Pensacola attacker’s iPhone

FBI finds al Qaeda link after breaking encryption on Pensacola attacker’s iPhone

The Saudi military trainee who killed 3 US servicemen last year, had ties to al Qaeda, and had communicated with the group the night before the shooting, the FBI announced, citing new evidence gleaned from his iPhones after months of trying. The officials didn’t say that Mohammed Alshamrani had been directed by the group, but said his ties to the AQAP began as far back as 2015 and were significant

Shane 2 weeks

Apple has a point here. As much as we should be happy to help crack down on planned murders and crime, something like this has the potential to become so much worse. It would have the possibility of being found by hackers, and then spread throughout the tech community. For Apple’s own good, they hope not to let it be leaked, as they would suffer a deadly loss in customers and long-term service. Who wants to be a customer of a company whose technology is essentially compromised? Also, if we are to be libertarian, as I am, then we should hope to give the government less control over these things, and this is a key to giving them more surveilance rights over us.

WitchPHD 2 weeks

This is why I use Apple. Apple is way better on this stuff than android. And you basically have to avoid any google service if you don’t want that information snatched easily. That said, a custom rom of android like Lineage OS is supposedly better than an iPhone.

Dave 2 weeks

It's stupid to announce they did it. Much better for terrorists to believe the FBI can't break into an iPhone so they all use it and the FBI can gather more info. Now Apple will have to upgrade it's encryption and the FBI will have to start over again.

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 2 weeks

There is NO "radical" Islam. There is NO "moderate" Islam. THERE IS JUST ISLAM.

FoodNotBombs 2 weeks

Apple said no bc the feds want access to ALL IPHONES

Jason 2 weeks

The US govt needs terrorist organisations to exist so they can justify removing encryption. Indirect Sock puppets of the deep state.

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