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US signs deal with Phlow Corp in effort to shift drug manufacturing to US

US signs deal with Phlow Corp in effort to shift drug manufacturing to US

As per NY Times, US has signed a $354mn deal with a Phlow Corp to make generic medicines and ingredients in US needed to treat COVID-19. The move is part of efforts to bring pharma manufacturing to the US from abroad. Phlow Corp is a generic drug player based in Virginia which has manufacturing mostly in India & China. The NYT added that this contract may be extended for a $812mn over 10 years.

America 3 months

I don't see how this can be interpreted as anything other than good news for the U.S. 👍👍

Mutatis 3 months

We shall see if it becomes a long term trend or not.

space ghost
space ghost 3 months

I think this is #winning!!! Go Usa

Jon 3 months

The CEO takes donations from the Bill Gates foundation lol. Just in time for the Gates conspiracy theories. 😅🤣 poor Republicans just c'n't catch a break can they? Will you support a drug company that does business with Gates cultists? HAHAHA

Pascal 3 months

Great! Do it!!

Jon 3 months

"Phlow CEO Eric Edwards cofounded the Richmond, Virginia-based company in January, with Dr. B. Frank Gupton, an engineering and chemistry professor at Virginia Commonwealth University. Gupton heads the Medicines For All Institute, founded in 2017 at VCU and backed by a $25 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Prior to Phlow, Edwards was a cofounder at Kaleo, a pharmaceutical company he cofounded with his twin brother in 2008."

Doug 3 months

Quite surprised Phlow doesn't have a Wikipedia page but I expect that'll change soon. The Edwards' previous company, Kaleo, did some shady pricing on their Epipen competitor, were investigated by Senate committee.

han 3 months

Please there actually a drug? 100% sure cure? Breaking News then.

AD C 3 months

This is good to hear. Especially because it seems during a global crisis we're extra dependent on what is manufactured within our borders.

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