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China says Australian claims of ’vindication’ on Covid-19 investigation ’a joke’

China says Australian claims of ’vindication’ on Covid-19 investigation ’a joke’

The Chinese Embassy in Australia said it was ’nothing but a joke’ for Australia to claim that a World Health Assembly resolution that calls for a probe into the Covid-19 was a vindication of Canberra’s push for a review. ’The draft resolution on COVID-19 to be adopted by the WHA is totally different from Australia’s proposal of an independent international review,’ a Chinese embassy spokesman said

Jason 3 months

The fact that China immediately turns defensive at the idea of an investigation doesn’t bode well in assuring people that it wasn’t the regimes authoritarian control that worsened the spread. Alongside denying Taiwan to help with WHO then imposing tarrifs to silence dissent at even the idea that China may have failed. Shit, the USA is failing hard tackling the virus, so an investigation into its origins isn’t targeting China., its targeting those culpable.

Property 3 months

Tbh, china is right. The Aussies are caving into Chinas demands and are now trying to save face by pretending this was what they wanted when its not

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 3 months

World beyond US Borders: USA ruins everything! China: Hold my Bat Soup..

Tdw 3 months

The CCP tactic is to pressure those who it thinks are weak.

CommanderVaasDC 3 months

tHeYrE jUsT sHiFtInG tHe BlAmE. And OnLy ThE uSa Is BlAmInG cHiNa.

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