Majority Americans still don’t trust self-driving cars

Majority Americans still don’t trust self-driving cars

As per a poll of 1,200 adults from across the US conducted by the Partners for Automated Vehicle Education, three in four Americans say autonomous vehicles are not ready for primetime. 48% surveyed saying they’d never get in a self-driving taxi. PAVA attributes the reasons for this on an unfamiliarity with the technology and confusion over the definition of a ’driverless car’.

Angela 1 weeks

Think of how many times your computer messes up. Now imagine a 3,000lb vehicle doing that. I am not for self driving cars. How many things do we really need computers doing for us?

Rocky 1 weeks

Duh. We don't trust AI in general and for good reason.

Linden 1 weeks

I also don't trust the majority of drivers, so I guess self-driving cars make little difference here

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 1 weeks

The problem is you can load billions of different possible on the road problems (and their solutions) into a computer but they’ll always be an accident that leaves the computer clueless. Until we get a true AI (not a system that learns by trial and error over a million simulations) we’re never going to replace drivers. Granted with a 100% swap out you wouldn’t need this, but a gradual change will put both humans, and automated cars on the road at the same time (and that will be the leading cause of accidents).

Tag 1 weeks

I'll trust a self driving car more than I'll trust most people. People are mostly morons

BumperCar 1 weeks

Even if it was the best AI driving it you would still not trust it would work on any road or that security would even work properly. People make mistakes. Mashines have design errors. Plus, I doubt it will handle drunk drivers on the road. So why waste money on an expensive luxury gadget that almost none of us will actually drive.

Max Bants
Max Bants 1 weeks

This is the correct mindset. 100 years ago most streets were still outfitted for horse and cart travel, and now you're telling people who can literally speak to people alive back then "nah bro it's fine, hop in. The AI overmind has got your back"

c W
c W 1 weeks

Even in fictional tv shows they're flawed and corruptable, watch UPLOAD, first episode self driving car hacked and crashes killing the guy, I'll stay in control thank you

Tachyon 1 weeks

They're smart not to. True self driving cars will absolutely require a level of artificial intelligence that we do not possess the technology to create. Yet. IMO we will not possess that technology in our lifetimes.

Mr. Bruce
Mr. Bruce 1 weeks

That would be thanks to Tesla...

Fin 1 weeks

But how many realize the commercial planes they fly in self taxi to run ways... N have been using n advancing self drive tech for decades

Damian 1 weeks

I don't trust AI. But I also don't trust humans, so...

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 1 weeks


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