JP Morgan boss calls for fairer society in post coronavirus world

JP Morgan boss calls for fairer society in post coronavirus world

The coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the world should force humanity to build a fairer society, said the chief executive of JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon. Mr. Dimon said that he hoped that the crisis would usher in a new economy that would create and sustain opportunities for dramatically more people.

Tom A
Tom A
PA_Patriot89 6 days

We all know that he’s just virtue signaling and doesn’t really give two craps about regular Americans.

Ofresh 6 days

He can put his money where his mouth is. I don’t care about what he considers “fair”. I’m more concerned with defending families, culture, and tradition. That means not letting in immigrants that undercut American wages and dilute the American culture. That means not spending federal funds on universities that promote neobolshevik ideologies. That means promoting Christian values that strengthen families and communities and create a high trust society where we take care of each other. I’m guessing that this assh*les opinion of what makes a fairer society doesn’t include any of that.

Kris 6 days

Billionaires who see the future: how do we keep from a global "french revolution"? Other billionaires: pssh. We've already quenched that. All we had to do was buy the media companies around the world, push fascist populist and religious propaganda(depends on region), and fund political campaigns around the world to put fascist "strongmen" in power. First billionaires: well guys if you look around idk about that. What if people realize neoliberalism is the problem and we are the ones pushing it everywhere just disguised under other names from groups we infiltrated?

Sweet Meat
Sweet Meat 6 days

I totally believe the elite have my best interests at heart. Seriously though, if you believe this garbage you're a beta cuck for the oligarchy.

Adam Ranger
Adam Ranger 5 days

Member when they crashed the economy and nobody went to jail? Member that? This guy only cares enough to stop themselves from facing actual justice

Goi 5 days

The Ritchie Richies elites never done anything that is not in their favour, benefiting them in the long run and put the have-nots in a bind as they are always on the look out to procure cheap labour. Nothing the elites do or suggest will benefit the have-nots in the long run.

Doug 5 days

A fairer society, says a guy worth $1.2B! Seriously. (:-(

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