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COVID-19 silver lining : Carbon emissions down to 2006 levels

COVID-19 silver lining : Carbon emissions down to 2006 levels

The journal Nature Climate Change estimates reduction of carbon dioxide by 17 percent in April compared to the daily average for 2019. This amounts to the carbon dioxide emissions in 2006. Most of the cuts in CO2 came from manufacturing, power generation, and transportation and shipping — excluding aviation.

Alex 4 months

Covid is a two faced sword when it comes to the environment. In the short term, it reduces emissions, and allows people to see what the world could be like with green technology. On the other hand it stalls projects such as nuclear power plant and hydro construction, and also damages companies that may be oriented to fight climate change. It also may encourage companies to make up for lost time and so produce more GHG’s in its haste to make up for the lost time. Hopefully people will have seen what life is like without significant pollution and decide that they like it this way, meaning that they will then put pressure on their government to make changes and help to reduce pollution. Only time will tell, but covid 19 is definitely one of the last times we will be able to revive our economies in ways that will protect the environment, rather than destroy it.

Tachyon 4 months

Funny. A week or so ago the stories were the opposite! Someone must have realized this destroyed their narrative and now they're doing damage control.

Sloth 4 months

So is 2016 far enough back in time so that we aren't going to die in 12 years? Or does that just mean we will die in 16 years? Also when do we all meet to decide how long we have when this next period runs out like it's done every decade since the sixties?

Rocky 4 months

Are we to expect a cooling trend back to 2006 temps as well since co2 is so intrinsically linked to temp? I will hold my breath and wait to see the drop in temperature to prove the causal link between human activities and temperature now. For some reason I feel like I'll be holding it for quite a while.

TheWeakMinded 4 months

When you remove peoples right to work and live, no shit emissions go down

Mat McKenzie
Mat McKenzie 4 months

Well this no surprise, what they need to do is prove the climate reduction due to CO2 emissions otherwise those doubting the link will continue to be naysayers. Which is a fair assessment.

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