Hungary votes to ban changing gender on birth certificates

Hungary votes to ban changing gender on birth certificates

Hungary’s parliament passed a law that would prevent people from changing the gender on their birth certificate. While LGBT groups have called the move ’evil’ government officials have stated that the law does not prevent men and women from expressing themselves.

Seekster 1 weeks

Makes sense to me. Express yourself however you want but a birth certificate is an important document meant to reflect reality not an individual's perception of reality.

F G 1 weeks

Based Hungarians. They are one of the few countries that actually gives me hope of regaining some kind of sanity here in Europe.

Alexander 1 weeks

Based and biologypilled

porcus 1 weeks

The British rags have teo very different spins on this - one saying it is about preventing changes to a legal document (which is entirely sensible, btw) and the other open-mouth hyper-ventilating that this is about HOMAPHOBIA. 😑 Pretty sure it is just about keeping legal records consistent and not following fickle Leftist fads that change with every new movement. In 4 months nobody will remember this.

Dave 1 weeks

Well....You can't. Birth certificates don't have gender, they have sex. Sex shouldn't be changeable because it's a biological fact.

tenoclock 1 weeks


Cuppa T
Cuppa T 1 weeks

Instead of changing the birth certificate, why not just ask for the creation of a new document that records their gender change?

Harrison 1 weeks

now you’re for the state deciding what you can do? conservatives confuse me sometimes

Joshua 1 weeks

If it doesn’t affect you, why do you give any but what someone’s birth certificate says/what gender or sex they are? The vitriol and arrogance on the part of these types of people just screams insecurity.

michael 1 weeks

I'm absolutely for gender equality. but birth certificates are for what you are born as, not what you become or who you actually are.

JerryBulletSponge 1 weeks

Yes, this is good

Gabriel V
Gabriel V 1 weeks

Gender at birth is not assigned, it is observed.

Lenwë 1 weeks

It makes sense. You can identify as what ever, but you can’t change what you were biologically born with.

Zoey 1 weeks

This is disappointing. To the people who are saying that they "respect" gender identity but don't think your birth certificate should be changed, you don't understand why transgender people want their certificates changed. Most of the time, the only way for a transgender person to get their ID, driver's license and passport updated is to get an updated birth certificate first. Most countries don't have any sort of "gender identity" certificate, whatever that would be, so they just allow modified birth certificates. It's important for transgender people to get updated identification, since simple things like going to a bar, or crossing a boarder could open them up to hostility and violence if their documentation outs them as transgender.

Auster Maeson
Auster Maeson 1 weeks

What benefit does changing a human gender create? Can we change the age on our birth certificate? Can we change our race? Our height, weight or eye color? You’re literally giving parents with ideological agendas the ability to use their children for propoganda. Shameful nonsense... Budapest is doing the logical thing. Kudos to them

andrew 1 weeks

Hold up, what if someone is born intersex and the doctors make a bad call? In South Carolina we had a case where a kid was born with both a penis and a vagina. The doctors decided to make a call so the kid wouldn't have to grow up with that confusion and cut the penis off. Cut to 13 years later and that half formed vagina healed up, so now he's clearly a dude with a small hole where his penis should be and a birth certificate that says he's a woman.

Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 1 weeks

Look at all the Hidden comments How sad News voice is so corrupted

WWG1WGA 1 weeks

Because 1000% you can not change your DNA so you can't change your gender

Decoy 1 weeks

There are a lot of transphobes on this app. Sex, like gender, exists on a spectrum. Even when you look at a chromosomal level, which doctors don't even do when assigning genders or sexes at birth. Anyone who thinks this is a scientific decision by the government never went past grade school sex education.

IronMeerkat 1 weeks

Really? This is what Orban is concerning himself with?

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