Trump announces $19B for farmers, to ’maintain the health’ of food supply chain

Trump announces $19B for farmers, to ’maintain the health’ of food supply chain

President Trump on Tuesday announced a $19 billion food assistance program to support farmers and ranchers and ’maintain the health of the food supply chain’ amid the pandemic. The president said that the $16 billion would go directly to farmers and ranchers for losses they have sustained due to COVID-19, and that the remaining $3 billion is being used to purchase products for food lines.

Jon 1 weeks

2nd bailout for farmers now after he completely ruined their livelihoods with the tariffs. Good time to be a farmer! Socialism baby!

Andre Junior
Andre Junior 1 weeks

For our farmers!

Gary W
Gary W 1 weeks

Probably not fast enough for the farming community. Trump has promised money before that would target farmers (China Trade Agreement) but hasn’t delivered. Hopefully, this money gets to them. America needs them.

James 1 weeks

On the one hand, I don’t want the supply chains to start failing due to a pandemic... on the other hand this is government spendings, something I also don’t want the government to do (and for an already highly subsidized industry). I’m tepidly in favor of this, but honestly this probably isn’t as useful as it seems (at least, due to its drawbacks). Maybe look into some deregulation, but that may be to little to late at this point (idk).

Tee 1 weeks

The Republicans will always be in denial about their socialistic behavior. It's the main identify they have to attack right now to drive their delirious narratives.

Rational 1 weeks

Unfortunately, most of the money will go to big Agro. Wrong move again. Bailout the American People not the wealthy.

Michael 1 weeks

More Socialism? The tRumpists must hate that.

Leo Miggel
Leo Miggel 1 weeks

Farmers>transportation>distributors Keep'em coming baby, that without those mentioned we can't keep our doctors, technicians and cops/army afloat to continue fighting the pandemic.

pastorious 1 weeks


Seekster 1 weeks

Maintaining the food supply is a core responsibility of any government going all the way back to feudalism. Its laughable that people call this socialism (see the great leap forward in China).

Ethan 1 weeks

Its a bad time to be a farmer. Thanks allot Trump for not helping small farmers and their communites. Do any of you think if Trump was run over by a Combine Harvester the corn will be rotten and orange?

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